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Behind ads privacy: our latest Publisher Privacy Q&A

5 Minutes or Less | Publisher Privacy Q&A Episode 2

Curious how the Privacy Sandbox will keep people’s data private?

In the second episode of our Publisher Privacy Q&A video series, we simplify how the technology behind the Privacy Sandbox works and how its solutions incorporate tested privacy practices into online advertising. We also explore how Chrome is designing new capabilities to help advertisers reach their audiences in more privacy-forward ways, and why we believe these solutions will last for the long term.

Questions covered in episode 2:

  1. How will the Privacy Sandbox solutions keep people’s data private?
  2. How will the Privacy Sandbox impact my advertisers?
  3. Will Privacy Sandbox solutions last?

Want to learn more? Check out the Privacy Sandbox website for more information and the latest timeline on solution development, testing and releases. Or watch episode 3 of our Publisher Privacy Q&A series where we explore first-party data.