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The Analytics 360 Solution Guide: How today’s top brands gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey

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Today, digital technology and mobile devices have put the consumer in control. The traditional, linear customer journey from awareness to purchase has been replaced with unique, unpredictable journeys—where no two are exactly alike. Understanding how customers engage at each step along the way is a key priority for marketers and an opportunity to deliver improved customer experiences that drive better marketing results.

In our new Analytics 360 Solution Guide, we share how leading marketers are building their strategies around the customer, adopting technology to help teams better collaborate, and integrating their ads and analytics data.

Put the customer at the center

Across our research, one thing became clear: Leading marketers are putting
customers at the heart of their strategy. Interactive entertainment company Electronic Arts Inc. has organized their teams around the customer. Marketing, analytics, and publishing teams all start from a single source of truth: customer insights.

Use technology to help teams collaborate

Leading marketers are adopting the same connected technology across the company to help teams work more effectively together. The professional baseball organization, Major League Baseball, has seen a significant reduction in time spent pulling and sharing reports since adopting a single platform.

Integrate ads and analytics data

Bringing together ads and analytics data in one platform gives marketers the opportunity to establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with every
customer. With an integrated technology stack, online travel company BookIt was able to segment visitors by specific vacation destinations and then tailored its ad creative to match the vacations visitors were looking for.

Download the Analytics 360 Solution Guide now and learn how these companies and more are bringing their ads and analytics data together in Analytics 360.