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Appify your campaigns: Reaching customers in apps

Reaching a broad and engaged population

For today’s consumers, mobile is now the first choice to answer any question, accomplish any task, stay informed, and be entertained. Media consumption is growing as consumers gain access to their favorite content whenever they want it — wherever they are. People around the world will spend an average of 122 minutes a day accessing the internet via mobile browsers and apps by 2019 — that’s nearly 11 times more than 2010.1

While brands know the importance of including mobile in their digital marketing strategies, they still have questions on how to get started with mobile app campaigns. We’ve also heard some marketers say they think that apps offer limited opportunities to reach and engage their desired audiences.

However, there are signs that brands are underestimating the possibilities of mobile. Research from Ipsos found that apps reach a broad and engaged population. The study’s findings highlight five key reasons why extending campaigns to the app environment can help brands reach the right audiences.2

5 reasons to extend your digital campaigns to apps:

Apps offer something for everyone

Apps are not just used by the young and tech savvy — 91% of smartphone users access apps, regardless of age and gender.

Apps are for leaning back

Two-thirds of smartphone audiences use news, games, entertainment, or sports apps, giving brands an opportunity to reach people while they are in a relaxed but engaged mindset. Apps are often used for specific tasks or entertainment, while the mobile web tends to be used for browsing, research, and discovery.

Apps reach household decision makers

App users are just as likely as smartphone users overall to be employed, educated, and affluent — 81% say they’re the main shopper in their household, making them a valuable audience for brands.

Gamers aren’t who you think they are

Gaming apps are more popular among women, who represent 52% of the gaming-app audience.

Apps keep us coming back throughout the day

Gaming and sports app users come back three times a day, while entertainment and news app users visit more than twice a day.

The Ipsos research proves that apps play an important role in consumers’ lives. In the world of mobile apps, there truly is something for everyone. The variety of apps and the diversity of their usage provides opportunities for brands to build meaningful relationships with their audiences.

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1. 26% of media consumption will be mobile in 2019

2. “Something for everyone.” Ipsos MORI mobile app research report, U.S., July 2017