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Maximize CTV Performance with Display & Video 360 and Disney

Computer screen with a play button in the middle, Mickey Mouse ears on top (representing Disney), and TV remote leaning on the screen. The screen is surrounded by a YouTube logo, DV360 logo “Ad” icon, and an arch and three stars above the screen.

We're launching a direct integration between Google’s Display & Video 360 and Disney’s Real-time Ad Exchange (DRAX). This will empower advertisers to reach relevant audiences across Disney's properties at more meaningful moments with great speed and accuracy.

This update is the result of our strategic relationship with Disney and our close collaboration for more than a decade. In 2023, we announced our shared commitment to advancing privacy-focused solutions that boost advertiser performance. Additionally, Disney's inventory has become even more accessible with Disney+ inventory now open to all Display & Video 360 advertisers. We have also expanded addressability with Google audience segments widely available across Disney’s portfolio.

Disney continues to define the future of TV advertising. Through our expanded relationship with Display & Video 360, we are innovating on behalf of buyers to create a direct path to our portfolio, while driving greater effectiveness for brands. Jamie Power
SVP, Addressable Sales, Disney Advertising

Beginning in April, Display & Video 360 will be one of the first demand-side platforms (DSPs) to integrate with DRAX, creating a foundation to streamline premium inventory for marketers across the industry. Among other benefits, it will enable advertisers to re-engage their audiences on Disney’s inventory using Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) with Disney’s Audience Graph as the source. Here’s a closer look at the full range of opportunities this presents for advertisers:

Maximize reach and ROI with Disney, YouTube and more

By tapping into Disney's high-quality inventory and audience at scale, which complements the existing audiences available through Display & Video 360's CTV inventory, advertisers can maximize their reach and impact across Hulu, Disney+ and YouTube among others.

With more actionable bid requests from Disney, the DRAX integration also enables enhanced frequency controls and unified reporting across advertisers’ entire streaming buy. This allows them to use streaming dollars more effectively.

Reach the ideal audience with Disney-powered insights

This deepened connection with Disney creates more ways to connect with high-value audiences, while delivering greater effectiveness for brands. Soon after the DRAX integration, advertisers will be able to activate and measure audiences, validated by first-party data, using PAIR with Disney’s Audience Graph as the source. This will allow advertisers to connect with their most engaged audiences across Disney’s portfolio, in a privacy-focused way.

Execute campaigns quickly, saving time and resources

This update also brings new opportunities for efficient campaign execution. For example, advertisers will soon be able to secure instant deals for Disney’s inventory, quickly creating reservations using Disney's contextual and audience segments. Disney is also enhancing its presence in Display & Video 360’s Marketplace for frictionless CTV inventory access.

We’re thrilled to further develop our relationship with Disney. Together, we’ll be able to bring even greater value and opportunities to advertisers. Reach out to your Display & Video 360 account team today to get started.