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New Study Reveals Why Integrated Marketing Analytics Are Critical to Success in Enterprise Measurement

Marketers have an increasingly complicated job, with access to an unprecedented amount of customer insights and analytics tools. A new study from Forrester Consulting uncovers how successful organizations use marketing analytics tools to develop relevant customer experiences.

Consumers expect to find what they want anytime, anywhere from their smartphones, tablets, and laptop. These micro-moments offer marketers more opportunities than ever before to connect and engage. They also enable marketers to learn valuable insights about consumer behavior. With so much customer data to consider, effective marketing measurement is more important than ever before. 

To understand the challenges marketers face in measuring performance and creating a well-integrated tool set, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to perform an in-depth survey of 150 marketing, analytics, and information technology executives. The research revealed how successful marketers are able to leverage analytics tools effectively so they make the most of consumer interactions.

Key findings:

 • Marketers must be able to tie performance to business results. Among the survey respondents identified as "sophisticated marketers," 53% stated they adhere to well-established metrics that tie directly to business objectives. These marketers support organizations that are at least 3X more likely to hit their goals than other marketing organizations.

• The right tools are critical to success. Only 26% of marketers surveyed believed that their marketing analytics tools are well-integrated and work seamlessly together. But, marketers with well-integrated tools were more likely to outperform revenue goals.

• Marketers that implement complete marketing analytics platforms see an increase in performance. Sophisticated marketers who deploy a complete marketing analytics stack of five or more tools are 39% more likely to see improvement in the overall performance of their marketing programs.

 To learn more about improving marketing performance with analytics, check out the full study, "Discover How Marketing Analytics Increases Business Performance."