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Reach customers via additional marketing channels with Analytics 360 + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Last year, we shared our plan to make Google Analytics 360 audiences available for activation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, so that marketers can deliver more timely and relevant messages via additional marketing channels like email and SMS. Today, we’re excited to share that this capability will become available to customers in the next two weeks.

Use the power of Analytics 360 audiences in Marketing Cloud campaigns

With over 250 site engagement dimensions and metrics available in Analytics 360, marketers can create precise audiences to deliver more relevant messages to their customers. By sharing Analytics 360 audiences within Google Marketing Platform, marketers can deliver personalized search and display ads and customized site experiences. Now, by sharing Analytics 360 audiences to Marketing Cloud, marketers can use the insights from Analytics 360 to customize their Marketing Cloud campaigns — extending the reach of Analytics 360 audiences to email, SMS, and push notifications.

Let’s say you want to re-engage valuable customers who have just visited your site for the first time in a while. Now you can reach them directly by email soon after they leave your site. Simply create an audience of these users in Analytics 360 and share it with Marketing Cloud. Then, you can reach them in a Marketing Cloud email campaign that includes a special promotion to bring them back to your site and purchase.

Create an Analytics 360 audience and share to Marketing Cloud.

Create an Analytics 360 audience and share to Marketing Cloud.

Get complete campaign reporting across channels

In addition to sharing Analytics 360 audiences to Marketing Cloud, marketers already have access to another important capability through this integration: deeper campaign reporting.

With Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud integrated, you can connect customer site engagement from Analytics 360 into your Marketing Cloud reporting. Marketers can now see campaign metrics like conversion rate and site engagement metrics like time spent on site related to Marketing Cloud campaigns. No more switching back and forth between platforms — instead, you can see end-to-end campaign performance right within Marketing Cloud.

To learn more about the integration between Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud, you can check out our new feature brief here or reach out to your Analytics 360 sales team.