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Helping Aussie small businesses grow, helps their people grow too

Stories of Australian businesses using digital tools

When Australian businesses grow, the people behind them do too.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 1.3 million Australian businesses have worked hard to continue serving all of us - their customers and community.

But behind these numbers sit incredible personal stories of resilience and innovation leading to growth and opportunity. Today, Google is recognising some of these people.

Meet Henry from Tom’s Outdoors, Bek from Buone Notti and Enrico from DRNKS.

When the businesses they work for adapted and grew with some help from our services and tools — Bek, Henry and Enrico grew too. Bek has been able to buy her daughter the private singing lessons she’s always asked for, Henry has been given opportunities to start making his own films, and Enrico was able to start getting his own ragu recipe in the hands of eager customers. Watch their inspiring stories which are being shared nationally over the next few weeks.

Google is working to help Australian businesses stay open for their customers and succeed through free business tips and training, online business profiles, digital ads, website analytics and more. If you’re a business owner looking for practical help and tips on how you can start to grow your business, skills or career, visit Grow with Google. We’ll also be adding free digital skills training workshops for communities around Australia in the coming months.