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Calling everyone across the country to participate in a one-of-a-kind AI musical experience for India’s Independence Day

We all remember standing to attention during our daily school assembly, and that unmistakable sense of pride when singing the strains of ‘Jana Gana Mana’. And it’s something we all remember singing with fervour -- whether we were the ones who were comfortable only belting out our favorite songs in the shower, or whether we were capable of giving professional singers a run for their money. No matter which category you belong to, we’ve got something special for you.

We, along with our partners Prasar Bharati and Virtual Bharat, invite you to participate in a unique AI experiment, which involves two key ingredients: the most cutting-edge AI work we’re doing in music, and… your voice! We are bringing together these two elements to produce a song that you would know all too well -- the Indian national anthem. All you need to do is sing the national anthem, then using the power of AI your voice will get converted into one of three traditional Indian instruments -- the shehnai, sarangi, or bansuri -- effectively rendering your performance of the national anthem in the instrument of your choice.

Sounds of India experience in Google Arts & Culture

Taking part in this experiment is simple. Using a smartphone, head over to and you will see an interactive web app that steps you through the process. You will first be able to hear the national anthem, giving you a sense of the pitch and tempo. Next, you’ll see a screen with the lyrics of the national anthem, which get highlighted to help you sing in rhythm -- much like you would with a karaoke track. After you’ve sung, pick your favourite Indian instrument and in a few moments you’ll have your own version of the national anthem -- as sung by you but in the sound of your favourite Indian instrument -- downloaded and ready to share. Finally, you can join scores of others and submit your rendition to this experiment.

Note that the computation for this experience runs completely in your browser and on-device using TensorFlow, and no personally identifiable information is collected or stored. We can’t wait to bring to you the culmination of this experience, so look out for something very special coming your way on 15th August 2020 -- the 73rd anniversary of India’s Independence.

We look forward to your joining us in creating a one-of-a-kind cultural experience that is inspired by tradition, and powered by AI.