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Research@ Bangalore: Charting new AI frontiers alongside the research ecosystem in India

Research@ Bangalore

The wave of AI innovation sweeping across the world is unprecedented, and India is a shining example of the opportunity it presents to fundamentally improve the lives of billions. From enabling accessible services through speech recognition to providing instant translations in over 100 languages, and landscape understanding of agricultural farms by analyzing satellite imagery, we can already see early signs of AI's transformative impact in the country.

At Google, we have had a long-standing commitment to advancing the state of the art by focusing on fundamental research and approaches that delve into finding solutions to many of society’s most pressing challenges. Collaboration among diverse communities working on common challenges is key to truly fueling progress in the development of these important approaches. Embodying this collaborative spirit, tomorrow, we’ll be hosting our first-ever Research@ event in Bangalore, India, which will bring together leading academic researchers, developers and startups. Research@ Bangalore will foster knowledge sharing among India’s leading AI practitioners and researchers, aiming to explore the next frontier of AI in India, delve into local solutions, and chart a course for using AI to create a better future.

Attending the event in person, we have Dr Jeff Dean, Chief Scientist, Google DeepMind and Google Research, and other Google leaders who will discuss the future of AI and its implications for India. We'll also hear from key faculty across India’s top educational institutions, about their research and insights on the local AI landscape. Key areas this forum will cover includes:

  • Language inclusion: Infusing support for a rich diversity of languages in LLMs to ensure every Indian can access information in their local language.
  • Health AI: Developing AI to transform healthcare, emphasizing proactive and preventive measures.
  • Advancing efficient ML: Tackling efficiency of LLMs through optimized architectures, training, data, and inference.
  • Responsible AI: Continuing our commitment toward ethical and socially responsible development of AI-based technologies.

Following Research@, on Friday 2nd February 2024, we are hosting a fireside chat between Dr Jeff Dean and Dr Pramod Varma – one of the key architects of Aadhaar: India’s unique digital identification system. This conversation will be livestreamed on the Google India YouTube channel starting at 7:00pm IST.

With its vast talent pool and diversity, we believe India stands poised to spearhead AI innovation for the world. Fully realizing this potential demands collaborative efforts across the AI landscape and utilizing interdisciplinary research to tackle society's most urgent challenges. With a shared commitment to responsible and ethical AI development, we look forward to collaborating with local communities to harness AI responsibly and together shape India's AI story.