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                      Satellite derived Earth Engine image showing seasonal agricultural peaks near the Columbia and Snake Rivers in Washington state. The perfectly round fields are center pivot irrigated corn and soy maturing in different months.

Google Earth

Introducing Earth Engine for governments and businesses

Google Earth Engine is now generally available to Google Cloud Platform customers.

Rebecca Moore, Director, Google Earth, Earth Engine & Outreach

Reuniting the historic Stonewall Inn

                      Exterior photograph of the Stonewall Inn bar in New York City with rainbow Pride flags visible.

Diversity and Inclusion

Reuniting the historic Stonewall Inn

The new Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center will reunite two historic sites.

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Around the world

Around the world

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Google in Africa

How tech can support transformational growth in Africa

James Manyika explains how tech can enable economic growth, jobs and prosperity across Africa, and how African governments and businesses can seize that potential.

SVP Technology & Society

My Path to Google

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