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Explore Pakistan’s diverse culinary heritage

Illustration by Bibi Hajra showing a tall building with different rooms that highlight different aspects of Pakistani cuisine

In Pakistan’s cultural fabric, food is a vibrant thread that connects generations, regions and traditions. And it goes far beyond flavors and ingredients. A new online hub on Google Arts & culture, supported by the British Council, puts it all together in Pakistan's Museum of Food.

The exhibit invites people to explore the different facets of Pakistani cuisine through more than 90 videos, 100 expertly-curated stories and 9,000 high-resolution photographs, each offering unique insights into Pakistan’s diverse culture.

a sack of chillies on the floor in Kunri, Sindh, Pakistan

From the aromatic spices of Punjab and the fiery flavors of Balochistan to the seafood delights of Karachi, the exhibit also highlights the regional and community differences in cooking in Pakistan. Delve into the distinct techniques, ingredients and rituals that define these cuisines, and learn more about the culinary gems that contribute to the cultural diversity of the country.

A man preparing Sajji by the riverbed near Uthal, Balochistan

Our exhibit highlights the women involved in Pakistan’s food culture, from tilling the fields and farming dairy to transforming raw ingredients into delectable dishes. By spotlighting their stories of working in the culinary landscape, we show the intricate connection between their contributions, cultural preservation and the empowerment of future generations.

A girl in the middle of a banana field picking bananas

Throughout bustling streets and vibrant markets, street food offers a spectacle that engages all senses. Snacks like savory chaats, sizzling kebabs and flaky parathas serve as a microcosm of the country's dynamic food culture. Explore how these humble street-side vendors play a pivotal role in shaping modern Pakistani cuisine and contributing to the gastronomic identity of the nation.

Several cooking pots on a stove, with vegetable fried rice being cooked with yak meat

Continue exploring Pakistan’s Museum of Food on the Google Arts & Culture website, or download the Google Arts & Culture’s Android or iOS app.

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