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Google in Asia

Hacking away on Google technology in search of the next big idea

Over the course of the last two months, we invited app developers from across Asia to hack away on projects that could result in impactful technologies. Google HackFair started in Korea four years ago, and since then we have seen developers in six other countries find creative ways to solve local and global problems. They came up with some pretty amazing big ideas and showed us what’s possible using Google platforms like Android, Chrome, Cardboard, Tango, TensorFlow, and Google Maps.

Exactly 224 projects came out of the latest series of Hackfairs. Here are just a few highlights of the uses of Google technology that inspire our communities:


Pakistan: A smart collar for cows helps farmers manage their livestock better, with geo-location, exercise tracking, and temperature tracking to help maximize dairy yields.

Indonesia: An automated watering system for farmers that controls agricultural watering systems anytime, anywhere using Android and Google Maps.

Gemastik 8 Pengembangan Bisnis TIK VP Ace Culture SIRAMIN Sasmita Dewi

Korea:  Cardboard-enabled remote-control car that makes you feel like you are really in the driver's seat using Android and Cardboard.

Real VR Drive!!

Philippines: An app that connects to a weight scale to automatically record weight for shipping. To bypass human error in pen-and-paper records, a business owner self-learned Android programming in order to make this app for his own business.

Google Developers Group Philippines Hack Fair 2015: Debbie

Thailand: BitShadowPlay is an interaction experiment that recognizes classic shadow puppets and transforms the shadows into animated depictions of the actual animals using our latest machine learning service, Tensorflow.

BitStudio Shadow Play

Vietnam: A smart vehicle-counter for more accurate vehicle tracking on the road or in parking spaces. This can be helpful to organizations wishing to optimize operations and traffic, such as at hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, and municipalities.

Indonesia: An Android-based visual programming software that helps you control your own robots easily using Google Voice Control and Android.

Japan: A robot that moves based on your voice commands. Added bonus - you can see the world from its perspective using Google Cardboard.

Follow your local Google Developers Group to find out about the next Hackfair in your community, or speak to your local GDG community to host one next year. Alongside the exhibitions, community members can also share their projects and research. They can even conduct workshops which makes this a great event for collaborative teaching and learning!

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