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Mr. Mon Kee’s Lunar New Year adventure

So...our Lunar New Year fun didn’t end with finding the ‘Monkeys of Street View’.

Enter, Mr. Mon Kee, a cute little paper monkey thrown together by a few Googlers in Singapore, who quickly proceeded to take on a life of his own.

He played Go in Singapore, took in the view (real and virtual) from level 73 at our office in Taipei 101, and he found himself a lovely treetop home amongst the cherry blossoms in our office in Shanghai.

Here are a few of our favorite shots of his adventures taken by Googlers:
mon kee_1.png
Our “Moogler” visiting Google offices in, from top left, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, and back to Shanghai again 

We’ve had so much fun with him, we figured, why not share? So if you’d like to take your own Mr. Mon Kee on an adventure, print out the paper cut here, cut him out and fold him together – an exacto knife is helpful, but you can still manage with scissors if that’s all you’ve got. 

If you then feel so inclined, go ahead and share your pics of Mr. Mon Kee with us on G+, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #MonkeyView. We’ll keep an eye out and give our favorites a shout out :)

Happy crafting! And, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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