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Our newest hardware office in Taiwan

Exterior shot of a round, glass building

Taiwan is Google's largest hardware engineering hub outside of the United States, with Googlers from more than 30 countries and regions. Since 2006, we've expanded our presence here with offices in five cities and a workforce that’s increased 20 times over the past 10 years. Today, we’re opening a second building at the TPark campus in New Taipei City. Thousands of Googlers will call this office, complete with new labs for hardware engineering and development, their new workspace.

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Sustainable operations incorporated into the building design

Sustainability is reflected in the foundation of this building’s design — from how it was built to how it operates. For example, it's built with 240 photovoltaic solar panels and batteries that will generate and store energy on-site. Plus, the building’s infrastructure — such as water-efficient fixtures, non-potable water for toilet flushing and a stormwater capture system — will help us reduce water usage in the building by over 60% compared to the international plumbing code standard. All-electric kitchens reduce carbon emissions and eliminate interior air pollutants from gas kitchen equipment and natural gas leakages, creating a safer indoor environment for everyone. And using refrigerants with low global warming potential in our chillers is estimated to save over 99% of lifetime emissions compared to standard chiller refrigerants.

An inclusive environment built with accessibility in mind

Similar to how Google integrates accessibility into product design, we focused on accessibility from the beginning of this project. Collaborating closely with our employee-led disability group, we were able to exceed local requirements around accessibility. From automated doors with badge readers at accessible heights to meeting rooms with braille signage and ample space for people in wheelchairs, the space enables people with disabilities to operate independently in the workspace.

Our recruits through our gReach Associate Program — a mentorship program for students with disabilities in Taiwan — work with a team based out of this office, meaning that this space is accessible to all, whether they’re a Googler or not. We also offer the associates professional development and on-the-job learning, and their contributions help us build more useful and inclusive technology.

A person with a cane puts their hand on a braille sign outside of a room.

An interior design inspired by Taipei

With this new building, we designed a workplace to spark creativity and deliver a unique, local experience. Each area of the building’s design was inspired by Taipei's various urban, natural and cultural elements. One area, marked with vibrant colors and playful patterns, was influenced by Taiwan’s colorful cultural festivals — while another area reflects the lush greenery and serenity of Taiwan’s subtropical forests.

Beyond aesthetics, the design also embraces Google’s culture of creativity and community. Throughout the building, we made sure that there was a diverse range of work settings for different types of focus and collaboration. From social spaces for Googlers to connect to quiet zones for recharging, we wanted to reflect our philosophy behind celebrating our diverse culture. Here, everyone can find a space that most resonates with their own working style.

Taiwan is the birthplace of the world's first Android phone. Since then, it’s also been driving countless breakthroughs in AI development. We’re proud of the legacy built by Googlers here. and we're excited to continue making helpful and inclusive technology for many years to come. This expansion in New Taipei City reinforces our commitment to Taiwan’s tech and research community, and allows us to help foster the next generation of global talent.

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