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The global machine learning training program born out of South Korea

Google Developers Machine Learning Bootcamp

In 2020, we launched Google Machine Learning Bootcamp in Korea as a part of Google’s mission to make the world’s information more accessible. As a country with an already thriving developer community made up of local startups and global enterprises alike, the opportunity to make machine learning (ML) more accessible to developers was promising. And so Google Machine Learning Bootcamp was born: a three month intensive ML training program for students and developers. Through the program, participants are connected with local IT companies to find employment opportunities with their new knowledge.

Two years after the launch, we expanded the program to a total of seven high-growth countries and regions: Europe, India, LATAM, Africa, Turkey, Japan, and Korea. In the most recent program, we received over 36,000 applications from around the world and selected 1,600 finalists. The program itself was virtual, creating a flexible learning experience for participants from all over the world to join no matter where they were or what their schedules were like. During the duration of the bootcamp, participants studied ML theory and TensorFlow through Coursera's Deep Learning Specialization, practiced their skills through Kaggle competitions, and earned TensorFlow certificate or Google Cloud ML Engineer certification.

  • Google Meet screenshot of Machine Learning Bootcamp Africa kickoff meeting in August 2022

    Machine Learning Bootcamp Africa kickoff meeting in August 2022

  • Large group of people outdoors looking at the camera.

    Machine Learning Bootcamp Turkiye meeting in August 2022

  • Google Meet screenshot of ML Bootcamp India Tech Talk in July 2022

    ML Bootcamp India Tech Talk in July 2022

  • A group of five people in masks lean against a wall and look at the camera

    Machine Learning Bootcamp Korea Partner Office Tour in Aug 2022

To support learners on their career journeys, we held office hours and resume clinics to help them prepare for the job search, interviews, and more. And to provide an immersive experience of what it’s like to work in tech, we also hosted tech talks with local IT companies as well as tours of their offices.

Through the Tech Talks, I was able to learn more about what each company was looking for, and through the Q&A sessions, I was able to get a clear picture of what I needed to work on. Woosuk Jung
Program alumni, now a data scientist at KEARNEY
Photo and names of ML Bootcamp Europe participants who volunteered to help the community and were selected as champions

Tech companies in various regions have hired more than 100 Google Machine Learning Bootcamp graduates as interns, developers, or researchers at companies like Amazon, MasterCard, Samsung, and LG. We’re thrilled to see where our participants go as they advance their careers and make an impact on solving real-world problems. In the meantime, we’ll continue to hold Google Machine Learning Bootcamps worldwide to train the next generation of machine learning developers.

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