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Google in Asia

Want to tell news stories in new ways? There’s a MOOC for that.

Data journalism and the Internet are about telling stories in the best possible way. And it’s also allowing us new ways to teach people how to do it.

It is changing the way we work as reporters, giving us access to new tools which tell stories in new and exciting ways. Of course, busy journalists and editors struggle to find the time to catch up with this stuff.

A World Of Change
The "World of Change"interactive visualizes how the world searches for information about climate change. 

That’s why I’m so excited to be participating in an online five-week course offered by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong that will kick off on April 4. 

This five-week course will cover the fundamentals of data journalism, alongside experts from media houses across Asia such as IndiaSpend (India), Malaysiakini (Malaysia), KataData (Indonesia), Caixin (China) and DataLEADS (India). Aimed at busy journalists who want to take a crack at something new, we’ll be covering the basics of finding, collecting, assessing data and then visualizing those insights in a compelling way. 

The class starts on April 4, please sign up!

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