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Google for Entrepreneurs impact in Europe and the Middle East: our annual report

In the six past years, Google for Entrepreneurs has built six "Campuses" around the world. These are spaces for startups and entrepreneurs to work, meet each other and develop their businesses. To help these startups grow and go global, Campus supports them through events, mentoring sessions and access to experts from Google.

Over the last two years we’ve tracked our impact on the entrepreneur ecosystems in four of the cities where Campuses are located: London, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Madrid. We recently released the “Annual Report on Startups,” in which we asked the startups about the number of jobs they’ve created and the amount of funding they’ve raised in the last year.

In terms of job creation, Campus Madrid startups created 927 new jobs while Campus London created 523 and Campus Warsaw, 416. In total, to date, these three campuses, and Tel Aviv, have created more than 9,000 jobs. Here’s a bit more about the total number of people employed at each Campus, as well as the amount of funding the startups at each Campus have raised:


Beyond what we learned from our research, there’s something else we’re particularly proud of: women at Campus. Over the past year, women made up 39 percent (up from 30 percent three years ago) of the Campus community, a number that we’re working to increase over time.

Looking at these reports, we’re pleased to see our impact in the Europe and Middle East entrepreneur communities, but there is still a lot to do. This year and beyond, we will continue supporting startups and helping them grow.

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