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Supporting digital inclusion for 1M French citizens

It’s an unfortunate truth that five million French residents are both economically disadvantaged and lack the skills needed to find work and access information in today’s digital world. At we see everyday how new technologies can transform lives and generate new opportunities for people. That’s why we support projects around the globe that leverage technology to address social challenges--and why this week we’re supporting a new initiative in France with Emmaüs to meet these increasing needs. 

Some time ago, a small entrepreneurial team within the large and historic NGO Emmaüs came to us with an idea, and we were inspired by their vision. They asked us: "What if we could help a million French citizens to find jobs and gain crucial skills needed in a digital world?"

This week, with a €1M grant and technical expertise from Google volunteers, Emmaüs is launching WeTechCare. This social startup will teach the basics of looking for a job online and help people to access social benefits on the web with an ambitious goal of supporting one million French citizens by 2020. 

Two key platforms supporting the WeTechCare mission will be launched in the coming months. The first, called “Clic’n’Job” will coach young unemployed people through the process of finding a job. The second, called “Les Bons Clics” will help people lacking basic digital skills to access government social rights and benefits which will soon, in France, will be exclusively accessible online--a significant barrier to entry.

WeTechCare is committed to making sure everyone can participate in and benefit from the digital future and the team at Google France and look forward working with them on this ambitious new project. From startups to enterprises, creators to underserved communities, Google continues to work towards ensuring that the opportunities of the Internet benefit everyone in society and towards our goal of training Europeans in digital skills

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