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How to use Gemini to pack for your next trip

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School holidays are almost here, and if the thought of packing suitcases sends a shiver down your spine, you're not alone. A recent Censuswide study 1 revealed that packing is a major pain point for Brits, with nearly a third (32%) of Brits taking time off work to pack for their holidays and over a quarter (28%) describing the “chore” of packing as severely anxiety inducing.

One way to lighten the overwhelm of packing is to use Gemini. It can curate a list of what to pack based on the details you provide. The same survey found that nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits overpacked for their trips. Gemini can streamline packing to the essentials, helping you take only what you need.

How to use Gemini to pack

Give Gemini — now available on Android and iOS — your destination, airline and travel dates, and it'll whip up a personalised packing list based on the weather, baggage allowance and even your planned activities.

For example, you could say: “What should I pack for a two-week trip to Bodrum, flying economy on a budget airline? I need to fit my clothes, including swimwear, going-out tops, plus my liquids into my cabin bag to avoid extra charges.”

Gemini can give you tips to pack light for your trip to Turkey and itemise a list of clothing you may need.

Locally, we are also launching the “Gemini Packing Squad”, a team of packing experts who will tour the UK to help people pack their bags pre-holiday using Gemini this summer.

Ready to change up your packing routine? Download the Gemini app on Android or access through the Google app on iOS, and free up time to focus on the enjoyable bits of holiday preparation.

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Research conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Google who surveyed 2,044 nationally representative respondents from the UK.

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