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Watch our new Fixed on Pixel ad ahead of the big game

Fixed on Pixel graphic featuring three celebrities

We all have that special picture that’s almost perfect. Mine was of me and one of my guys catching up at a celebration of life for a very dear friend of ours who passed away from a heart attack at just 52 years old. This was the first time in years I'd seen and hung out with people I’d been friends with since elementary school. What used to be a blurry photo of a bittersweet moment with some random guy in the background is now one that I feel proud to hang on my wall to remember my friend for how she brought us all together that night. And all it took was just a few taps right from my Pixel 7 Pro.

Left: Blurry photo of two men laughing with one person in the background. Right: Edited photo with background person removed.

Left: Before. Right: Fixed on Pixel.

I know so many others who share a similar story, which is why this year’s Super Bowl ad, “Fixed on Pixel,” takes a lighthearted look at those photos we all have that need a little bit of fixing.

Featuring cameos from actress and infamous photobomber Amy Schumer, Team Pixel partner and NBA athlete Giannis Antetokounmpo, and musical artist Doja Cat, watch how Pixel can help make your photos even better. The ad continues our longstanding tradition of demonstrating the helpfulness of Google’s products and technology to solve real problems — whether they’re big or small.

  • NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo behind a microphone wearing a burnt orange hoodie and holding a black Pixel phone with glass of water on his right in front of green backdrop with text ‘Google Pixel’
  • Musical artist Doja Cat smiling over her shoulder wearing a cream colored fur outfit and pink and white boa with several slightly blurred people on the left smiling and reaching for her
  • Actress Amy Schumer smiling and wearing pink dress next to man dressed in black hat, jacket and pants, both standing in front of gold backdrop with gold balloons on the left

Here’s how Pixel’s photo editing tools seen in the ad — Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur — use our AI technology to provide the right fix:

  • Remove unwanted distractions with Magic Eraser. Simply circle or brush a distraction you want to remove from your picture. Magic Eraser uses AI to understand exactly what you want to erase, and then predicts what the new space should look like with the distraction gone.
  • Bring old and new images into focus. Photo Unblur on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro uses AI to remove blur and visual noise so you can relive the moment as clearly as you remember it.
  • Fix your photos — even if it was taken with another phone. Through the Google Photos app on your Pixel, you can use Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur to fix pictures photographed on other phones. You can even use these features to edit old photos you’ve scanned onto your device.

No matter how big or small the change, you can fix your treasured photos with Pixel.

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