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Data Centers and Infrastructure

Hear how data centers change the world around them

Illustration of a data center structure in the center with a circuitry pattern running through that extends into grasslands. “Where the Internet Lives” is at the top in big type.

In our first season of our podcast, “Where the Internet Lives,” we went behind the scenes to share how data centers work, what they mean to the communities that host them and our goal to run them on carbon-free energy, 24/7. In the second season, we focused on the people behind the data centers — following 10 individuals who keep the internet running.

Now, we’re releasing the third season, and it’s going big: We’re discussing how data centers change the world around them in surprising and beneficial ways. We’ll hear stories about economic transformations, technological leaps, human rights, equity, overcoming adversity, urban renewal and environmental stewardship – all enabled by data centers.

In the season premiere episode, you’ll meet Dwayne Estes of the Southeastern Grasslands Institute. He is dedicating his life to transforming land back into long-lost grasslands, including at our Clarksville, Tennessee data center site. The companion documentary to this episode shows us how Dwayne’s vision for grasslands restoration has come alive at Google’s data center, with the return of hundreds of native species to the site.

Illustration of a town map with a data center in the middle, surrounded by trees and grassland. A man larger than the map tosses seeds onto the landscape. “Where the Internet Lives” is at the top in big type.

Listen to Dwayne’s story today, and subscribe to get notified when each episode arrives. A new one drops every two weeks, including eight other fascinating stories.

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