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Launching The Digital Springboard in Perth

Technology can connect people and create opportunities. But it can also create significant, rapid changes, with the risk of leaving some without the right tools or skills to thrive.

We know that some Australians don’t feel like they have the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital economy. That’s why and InfoXchange are launching the Digital Springboard, a free skills training initiative to help Australians gain new digital skills and prepare for the future.

Digital Springboard aims to help people get the skills they need, whether that’s learning how to get started online or how to write a CV, right through to social media strategy for business or learning to code.

Students from the Clontarf Foundation attended the first session in Perth today to learn about writing CVs and digital skills for job applications.

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The Clontarf Foundation’s General Manager for Employment, Marcus Harrold said “The workshops and subsequent skills that our students have acquired will only further enhance their employment prospects and preparedness for the future. The world is moving extremely fast, so it is vital that we allow all our students access to the most up-to-date technology”.

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Speaking at a training event in Perth today, Jess Perrin from Infoxchange said the initiative is a response to the digital skills gap that prevents many Australians from realising the full benefit of the digital economy.

“Many of the people who have the most to gain from the social, educational and financial benefits of being online are missing out. Digital Springboard will offer a chance to improve the digital skills of diverse and marginalised communities, while also supporting transitions to work and career growth.”

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Working with local delivery partners, including The Australian Red Cross, The Clontarf Foundation, WISE Employment and Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association, we will support in-person training sessions for individuals looking to improve their digital capability across Australia. 

Digital Springboard will give participants nationwide the chance to become more confident using digital technologies.

To find a course near you or to learn more, visit the Digital Springboard.