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Everyone could use a little help - follow the stories of three Canadians doing incredible things

Meet Honore Prentice, Pablo Listingart and Maryam Nabavi.

Like millions of Canadians, they get a little help in their everyday lives from Google’s products, programs and services.

But theirs aren’t everyday stories.

Honore, Pablo and Maryam are the focus of the first three episodes of a 12-part video series we’re debuting called A Little Help; stories where remarkable Canadians accomplish extraordinary things with a little help from technology.

You can watch them now:

Honore Prentice, an artist and trans-racial adoptee from Haiti, was found by his long-lost biological brother through the power of Google Search and now uses Google Translate to communicate with his newfound family:

Honore Prentice video

Pablo Listingart, Executive Director of ComIT, uses Google tools and programs to run his charity, offering employment skills and IT training to underserved communities:

Pablo Listingart

Maryam Nabavi invented Babbly, an AI technology to help monitor milestones in child speech development, with the help of the inaugural Google Voice Accelerator Program to empower concerned parents like herself:

Maryam Nabavi

As these uplifting stories illustrate, Google’s technologies and programs offer small acts of helpfulness, giving all Canadians a helping hand to achieve amazing things for themselves, their families, their communities, and society at large.

Want to learn more about how Google can offer a little help to a brewery, an organic grocery store, and an optometry clinic owner?

Stay tuned for the next three episodes, coming soon!