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Welcoming the Google for Startups Accelerator Canada Class of 2023


Last December, we put a call out for our fourth annual Google for Startups Accelerator Canada. The accelerator supports Canada’s best and brightest startups working across different sectors while using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve complex problems and tackle the toughest challenges in their industry.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have selected 12 startups to participate in our 2023 Google for Startups Accelerator Canada cohort. This year we have strong representation from all over the country, including startups from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Google for Startups Accelerator Canada is an equity free program, created to support Canadian startups and help the next generation of founders succeed. Over the next three months, this cohort will receive mentorship and technical project support from Google, deep dives and workshops focused on areas like product design, customer acquisition and leadership development. They will have access to Google experts and technology to help enhance their strategy and navigate their most pressing technical and business needs.

The cohort covers new ideas and innovations in home decor and renovations, supply chain optimization, salon supplies, reusable packaging, 3D restaurant reservations and more. We're excited and inspired by the incredible work these startups are doing and we can’t wait to get started with them.

Here’s what the founders had to say:

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And with that, meet the Google for Startups Accelerator Canada class of 2023!

  • Bidmii (Toronto) is an online marketplace that quickly connects homeowners and contractors for home improvement projects, guaranteeing payment security for each party by holding payments in trust.
  • Chimoney (Toronto) enables businesses to send payments to phones, emails and Twitter, regardless of scale, currency, country and other factors.
  • Clavis Studio (Edmonton) is an AI and /machine learning (ML)-driven design, visualization, and sourcing platform that provides a marketplace for designers and decorators to source new clients and use supporting tools to deliver their projects.
  • Foqus Technologies (Toronto) is an AI and quantitative imaging technology company that designs and develops software solutions to enhance the speed and quality of MRI scans.
  • Gryd Digital Media (Winnipeg) is a PropTech company that has developed a suite of products and services designed to deliver increased efficiencies, increased asset value, and reduced costs to property owners, managers, and REITs nationwide.
  • Morpheus.Network (Burlington) focuses on helping companies and government organizations eliminate inefficiencies and remove barriers to optimize and automate their supply chain operations.
  • Moves (Toronto) is building the collective of the gig economy, solving financial challenges associated with being a gig worker, and the lack of representation and ownership gig workers experience.
  • My Choice (Toronto) is an insurance aggregator that partners with insurance companies and brokerages to bring customers the power of choice and transparency through seamless, personalized user experiences and automation.
  • SalonScale Technology Inc. (Saskatoon) is the salon industry’s leading B2B SAAS provider in professional goods management, providing solutions that address the rising cost of salon supplies.
  • ShareWares (Vancouver) Has developed a platform that pairs technology with current city infrastructure to allow reusable cups and food containers to be bought, returned, tracked, and processed for resale. Stay tuned as food packaging is just the beginning.
  • Tablz (Ottawa) is a 3D bookings platform that lets diners upgrade to the seat of their preference, while generating net new profit for restaurants.
  • TrojAI (Saint John) helps enterprises manage AI risk through stress testing and audit of AI/ML models.

Google for Startups Accelerator Canada kicks off on March 21. This accelerator is one of five accelerator programs open to Canadian startups. Through the Google Cloud Accelerator, Women Founders Accelerator, Black Founders Accelerator, and the Climate Change Accelerator, we’re committed to supporting homegrown talent, and helping Canadian startups scale and thrive.