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Introducing apps for the Canadian Google Assistant

Whether you’re planning the perfect holiday date night, mapping your travels or helping the kids with their homework, your Google Assistant is always ready to help. You can ask about your day or your commute, explore your favourite topics, control your entertainment and smart lights, and get answers to hundreds of small and big questions during your day.

But to be truly helpful, your Google Assistant should be able to connect you across the apps and services in your life. Independent developers and companies can already build apps for the Google Assistant through Actions on Google in English and French, and starting today as a user, you’ll be able to access more of your favourite services and content directly through your Google Assistant.

Now, Canadians have easy and fast access to all types of apps.

Now, Canadians have easy and fast access to all types of apps. Want to finally crown the hockey trivia champ amongst your family or friends? Say “Ok Google, Drop the Puck” to play a game that tests your hockey knowledge. If you’re looking to craft a perfect cocktail, ask “Ok Google, talk to Tender”. Find a holiday gift for everyone on your list with “Ok Google, talk to Best Buy Canada”.

Once an app is available with the Google Assistant, you can just tell your Assistant to connect you with the app with a simple voice command – whether it’s on Google Home Mini, Google Home, Pixel, Android phones or iPhones. No downloading necessary.

Stay tuned as more local Canadian apps rollout in English and French, and dive in starting today by trying one of the many apps already available. To explore the latter, launch the app directory in the Google Assistant on your phone (you can find it at the Explore tab by tapping on the blue button on the right within the Assistant experience on your phone) or check out the Google Home app.

For anyone who wants to build for the Google Assistant, resources such as developer tools, documentation and a simulator are available on the Actions on Google developer website, making it easy to create, test and deploy apps. Developers can read more here.

We hope that this growing platform will give more Canadians the help they need, at home or on-the-go – whether you’re kickstarting your morning or unwinding in the evening.  With our partners, we look forward to exploring and delivering these new possibilities for the Canadian Google Assistant.