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Say bonjour to your Assistant in Google Allo

@Google, ou est le marché Jean-Talon?

Last year, we launched Google Allo with smart features in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Hindi. Today, we’re adding support for these features in French, thanks to our latest update.

Now, for the first time ever, Canadians will be able to interact with their Google Assistant in French!

For the first time ever, Canadians will be able to interact with their Google Assistant in French!

The Google Assistant is ready to help en français

Google Allo is our smart messaging app for Android and iOS that helps you say more and do more right in your chats. You can get help from your Assistant without ever leaving the conversation. Sharing sports scores, recipes, or travel plans in French is now easy to do right in your chats with friends.

To start using the Assistant in Canadian French, just say “Talk to me in Canadian French” when you’re chatting with your Assistant in Google Allo. You can also adjust the language setting for your Assistant on your device. So whether you’re looking into weather forecasts for your trip to The Laurentians or for directions to the Olympic Stadium, add @google to your chat and your Assistant is ready to help.

Embracing French-Canadian culture
We’ve made Assistant be truly French Canadian, customizing the app with local elements that are unique to Quebec. From local celebrities and artists to landmarks and cultural institutions, you can ask the Assistant to answer questions that are specifically relevant to French Canada.

Respond rapidement with Smart Reply
We’ve found that Smart Reply in English has been helpful in sending quick responses while you’re chatting on the go. We’re now adding support for Smart Reply in French, so you can quickly send a “Oui” in response to a friend asking “Es-tu en chemin pour la partie de soccer?”.

Smart Reply will recognize the language you’re chatting in and begin to show suggested responses in that language. If you’re chatting in English, it will continue to show English responses. But if you start chatting in French, it will show you suggestions in that language.

Coming soon! Smart Reply will also suggest responses for photos. If your friend sends you a photo of their pet, you’ll see Smart Reply suggestions like “Trop mignon!” And whether you’re a “ah ah” or “😂” kind of person, Smart Reply will improve over time and adjust to your style.

We can’t wait for you to say bonjour to Google Allo! We’re beginning to roll out these new features in French for Google Allo on Android and iOS, and they will be available to all users in Canada in the next few days.

In addition to French, we’ll continue to bring the Google Assistant and Smart Reply to more languages over time — stay tuned for more!