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Meet Doctor Mad Science: An extraordinary young Canadian bringing DIY experiments to a kitchen near you!

With our new Official Google Canada Blog, each week we’ll aim to show you some of the incredible videos and channels being developed by Canadians right across the country on YouTube. Today we’re featuring Jordan Hillkowitz, a 10 year-old autistic YouTube partner, whose passion for science is inspiring others.

When Jordan Hilkowitz was 18 months old, he was diagnosed as severely autistic. He didn’t speak until he was five and his mom, Stacey, wondered if he would ever be able to go to school and make friends.

But, from a very early age, one thing was certain: Jordan loved science. And, about a year ago, he started posting simple do-it-yourself science experiments on YouTube out of his kitchen in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Today, to a growing number of people around the world, Jordan is perhaps better known as Doctor Mad Science. His channel has attracted millions of views.


From how to squeeze an egg into a bottle, or build your own exploding rockets, Jordan’s videos are helping kids learn about the magic of science while also stirring discussion about how the web can help children with autism connect to the community around them. For Jordan, being Doctor Mad Science has helped grow his confidence, improve his speech, and make friends in the real world who share his passion for science.

With over 7,000 subscribers and 2.5 million video views, Jordan’s videos are a hit and his story has been covered by the Los Angeles Times, Scientific American, Canada AM, The Globe and Mail, and others.

If your colleague next door suddenly starts sporting a homemade no-heat lava lamp, you’ll know where they found it!

Posted by Aaron Brindle, Google Canada