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Travel trends: How Canadian travellers are taking off this spring

As we continue to bundle up and tackle chilly winter temperatures, it’s no surprise that Canadians are keen to escape the cold and embrace sunshine and warmer weather. While we might not be done with winter yet, Canadians are clearly eager to make their spring vacation plans and we’re seeing travellers eager to spring forward - straight into March Break and summer travel.

As more and more Canadians start gearing up for their spring and summer travel plans we’re taking note and uncovering the latest trends sharing how the travel and tourism providers can show up for travellers.

Travel Trend #1: Travel demand skyrockets as Canadians spring into their next trip

With travel typically reaching its biggest moment in March and April, demand in 2023 is showing no signs of stopping. In fact, Canadian searches for flights are exceeding pre-pandemic levels, and are higher than they were in 2019. And with spring break right around the corner, we’re seeing searches for ‘travel credit cards’ reach the highest they’ve been in years, further pointing to a surge in interest as eager travellers plan around their next trip.

Searches for flights have surpassed 2019 levels

Travel Trend #2: Travellers are open to inspiration and influence

A changing of the seasons is bringing in a new wave of intrigue and welcoming travel inspiration. We’re seeing more Canadians open to influence, with Google searches for ‘where to travel’ reaching all time highs within the last year alone. And with the vast majority of travellers still undecided and open to ideas, there is a huge opportunity for travel brands to show up and help consumers who are researching locations, comparing prices and looking for suggestions on where to go on their next vacation.

Travel inspiration

Travel Trend #3: It’s the era of craving culture and searching based on seasonality

Say sayonara to staycations! With the past few years prompting domestic travel or venturing south of the border to the United States we’re now seeing strong interest in European and Asian destinations bounce back in a big way, as shown by the top searched destinations on Google Flights this year.

Travel inspiration

Seasonality meets sunshine as Canadians go back to booking their trips. We’re seeing this with increased searches for sun destinations over the holidays and into spring break, while interest in European destinations heat up in the summer. Insights show that travellers are also searching for flights and hotels approximately two months in advance.

Based on these trends, the travel and tourism industry should begin early and build their presence by showing up consistently, not only during the big moments for March-April travellers but by foreshadowing the needs of early bird summer jetsetters.

Top trending sun destinations

Make the most of your travel plans with informed insights

With all these trends setting the stage for Canadian globetrotters, it’s important that travel businesses and tourism officials have access to the insights and information to keep on top of demand. Which is why we’ve created Travel Insights with Google for Canada, providing insights into real-time travel demand based on global Google Search data.

From here you’ll be able to monitor travel trends through our Destinations Insights, standout as the stay of choice through our Hotel Insights, and stay versatile by adapting your performance through the Travel Analytics Center. Flying across the pond or setting up shop under the sun just got a whole lot easier for Canadian travellers and travel brands alike.

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