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Helping our customers build a 'Resilient Future'

As the world mounts a campaign against COVID-19, businesses around the globe are adapting to an evolving ecosystem. Our aim at Google Cloud right now is to support government institutions, communities and corporations as they navigate these challenging times so they can stay connected and get work done. Whether it’s ensuring displaced communities have the ability to acquire essential information, helping companies ramp up their remote working capabilities, or ensuring people have access to critical services and important data – we are committed to serving our customers through the phases of this pandemic.

Helping with cloud

Helping businesses connect  

For years we’ve been delivering enterprise-grade cloud solutions in over 150 countries that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology. As a trusted partner for solving the most critical business problems, we help companies operate efficiently, modernize for growth, and innovate for the future.  

Across the world, businesses and users depend on Google Cloud to stay connected and get work done. No matter where they are on their cloud journey, we strive to accelerate every organisation’s ability to transform through data-powered innovation with leading infrastructure, industry solutions and expertise. 

For example, with Google Anthos we have released new capabilities to support businesses develop, deploy and operate applications faster, with more flexibility. Since cloud platforms have become vital for enterprises for cost-benefit-ratio and digital transformation, we expanded Anthos to support a slew of workloads for different cloud environments. 

This will help enterprise developers develop applications that are unfailing for both on-premise and public cloud environments. Similarly, to help offices, corporations and business communities figure out how to accommodate remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, we rolled out BeyondCorp Remote Access. This new cloud-based product allows employees to securely access their company’s internal web applications from any device or any location. With a way to quickly get secure access to browser-based applications we can help employees adapt to new ways of working. 

Last month we made our  premium video meetings product Google Meet free to everyone so they can connect to all their important meetings—from work meetings, to graduation meetings, to wedding meetings, and everything in between. As of April, Meet was hosting 3 billion minutes of video meetings and adding roughly 3 million new users every day. Meet’s day over day growth has surpassed 60% in the last few weeks and the usage has surged by 30 times to what it was in January 2020.  

How customers are benefiting from cloud solutions 

Today employees of NPCI, the apex organization for retail payments in India have been able to efficiently manage work across remote locations where employees can securely work and collaborate with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.  

Kochi-based conglomerate Muthoot Group, one of the largest financial services providers in the country has been using G Suite’s collaboration tools to stay connected and carry business as usual during the lockdown period.  

Popxo, India’s largest community of women online was able to accomplish a smooth transition to Google Cloud and optimise performance with the help of highly efficient tools and the support and collaboration  from teams.   

Real estate company Rustomjee can access every business application via Google Cloud Platform and continue to communicate as usual not only between themselves but also with customers, vendors and other stakeholders with G Suite.  

Fluid AI has leveraged our collaboration to spin up custom virtual machines on demand in the cloud for employees and stream it to them in a secure, cost effective way that is monitored and restricts data transfer. This has allowed it to bring higher efficiencies for employees who are working from home than they were at the office – an architecture that looks promising post the crisis. 

Helping Indian companies build for the future 

As Covid19 runs its course, we at Google Cloud are working hard to deliver technology and business solutions to help millions of people stay connected.  We believe today more than ever, we need to collaborate and innovate and build new features to make our tools helpful, secure and safe.