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Art Selfie is back, this time with generative AI

A video showing Art Selfie 2 in action

Remember Art Selfie? This Google Arts & Culture feature, launched in 2018, helped the world find their doppelgangers across art history. Now, using the power of generative AI, Art Selfie 2 brings you face to face with culture again, revisiting the world’s art, history and culture with you at the center.

Born out of a prototype from our Artists in Residence program, this feature invites you to snap a selfie by yourself or with friends and choose a style, then see how generative AI creates a stylized image around your face, seamlessly blending your selfie into the chosen scenario. See how you’d look as an explorer scaling Everest, painted as a muse in Monet's garden, or sporting armor as a courageous medieval knight. With over 25 diverse styles and many more to be added in the future, Art Selfie 2 is your passport for a journey of creative exploration & learning.

  • UI of Art Selfie 2 feature shows art inspired styles and remixed selfies

    Step into the frame with art inspired styles

  • UI of Art Selfie 2 feature shows history inspired styles and remixed selfies

    Travel back in time with history styles

  • UI of Art Selfie 2 feature shows travel inspired styles and remixed selfies

    Transport yourself across the globe with travel styles

Learn while you create

Art Selfie 2 is more than just share-worthy selfies. It’s also a gateway to cultural learning. Each style delivers topical facts while your image is generated, and once you’ve transformed your selfie, you can also discover related Stories, Artifacts and more from our partners. Click “read more” on the results screen to explore the artistic movements, historical periods, or far-flung locales that inspired your new look.

Whether you're an art aficionado, avid historian, or just curious, Art Selfie 2 has something for everyone. Download the Google Arts & Culture app for Android or iOS today and find Art Selfie 2 in the “Play” tab to start remixing and sharing your selfies. Don’t forget to hashtag #ArtSelfie2.

Plus, one more way to play with Generative AI

Alongside the launch of Art Selfie 2 we’re also making Art Remix available in even more countries. This feature puts your AI prompting to the test, presenting artworks alongside a prompt that describes them, challenging you to edit the prompt and imagine the work with your own twist.

Screens showing a Van Gogh artwork and an AI generated remix of the work

Craft prompts to imagine art with generative AI

You can find Art Remix in the Play Tab on the Google Arts & Culture website and app to start bringing your creative ideas to life today, the possibilities are endless.

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