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Explore Bob Marley's most extensive archive ever

Black and white photo of Bob Marley singing at a microphone

My father, Bob Marley, is one of the most known people in the world. I mean, some people feel as if they know him personally, that's how much history is out there, yet there is so much that is unknown. Bob Marley still holds mystery. We all are still learning new things about him, and some people may just be discovering him.

In this mission we are happy to be partners with Google Arts & Culture to compile and exhibit in one online location the most extensive collection of Bob Marley artifacts. On this great journey we see him, hear his music, we listen to his words, we look at his life and we learn something about him as well as ourselves.

Who is Bob Marley? A fist raised to the air in defiance, a smile that makes you want to smile back, the puff of a spliff amid deep contemplation warning us about the system, inspiring us to stand up for our rights, asking us to help him sing these songs of freedom.

My father has transcended from being just a musician, an artist, an activist, even a legend. Bob Marley is a symbol for love, justice, equality, freedom and unity to people from all walks of life around the world and with the help from the community of countless fans who have uncovered, preserved and shared endless amount of content, always finding something new. Bob Marley’s legacy continues to live and grow. We have worked to find ways of sifting through the massiveness of it all creating curated experiences that help connect the dots of his legacy while providing new angles of discovery.

It is a living project that will continue to grow in the coming months and years. Enjoy the journey.

If you know what life is worth, you would look for yours on Earth. And now you see the light... Bob Marley
  • Bob Marley smiling and holding a guitar

    Bob Marley rehearsing in studio at his island home 56 Hope Road, 1974, Neville Garrick

  • Bob Marley performing on stage in front of an audience

    Bob Marley live at the Lyceum Ballroom, 1975, Adrian Boot

  • Bob Marley and three other men holding instrument cases walking down a street

    Bob Marley, Neville Garrick, Micheal Campbell and Tyrone Downie entering the Birmingham Odeon, England, 1975, Ian Dickson

  • Bob Marley and his young son playing soccer

    Bob Marley and Ziggy Marley playing soccer at 56 Hope Road, 1978, Peter Murphy

Learn more about life and legacy of the king of reggae, and explore “Bob Marley: Legend” on the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS or Android or online on Google Arts & Culture.

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