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Explore impossible exhibitions in 3D

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Since we launched our first Pocket Gallery in 2018, the culturally curious from all across the globe have used augmented reality to step inside our ever-growing collection of virtual galleries created with the help of our partners from around the world. From the original Pocket Gallery that united all of Vermeer’s artworks for the first time in history, to the virtual construction of lost Bauhaus buildings, Pocket Gallery has brought numerous previously-impossible exhibitions to your AR-enabled smartphone. Today, we are making the entire series of Pocket Galleries available to anyone on the web, meaning they can now be explored on desktop and on mobiles with or without AR capabilities.

Simply open your favorite browser to discover all our Pocket Galleries in 3D. Take an art tour of the world in sound, go spelunking among some of the oldest paintings known to man at Chauvet Cave, marvel at miniatures scenes from ancient India, or discover the man of contradictions in Klimt vs. Klimt.

  • Zooming into Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss in a virtual Gallery

    Get to know the enigmatic genius in Klimt vs. Klimt

  • Entering and walking around a colorful virtual Gallery

    Wander through every shade and hue in Art of Color

  • Entering a temple-like virtual building full of artworks

    Discover nature, love, celebrations and faith in Indian miniatures

  • Walking around a virtual gallery of Kandinsky’s work

    Follow the evolution of Kandinsky through time and space

Explore the artifacts to read about their history from our partners. Zoom-in even closer to uncover the hidden detail of the artworks, right down to the brushstrokes. In some galleries, an audio tour will also guide you through the highlights of the exhibitions.

In addition to enabling all of our Pocket Galleries on the web, we are introducing a new exhibition to the collection in collaboration with Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais (Rmn-GP) in France. The curators invite everyone on a guided tour to discover maritime tales, stormy landscapes, and shores swathed in light. The exclusive exhibition features 40 marine masterpieces from the collections of the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre and other prominent European museums.

Embark on a guided maritime journey with Rmn - Grand Palais

“The Rmn - Grand Palais and Google Arts & Culture have collaborated for a long time together in order to innovate and imagine new digital offers to expand our audiences. Showcasing some of the most beautiful masterpieces of the genre, the exhibition “Maritime Inspirations”, entirely virtual, allows you to test new ways of approaching art in augmented reality or on the web, and I am delighted that it can now be offered to the public. " says Vincent Poussou, Public and Digital Director Meeting of National Museums - Grand Palais

We hope you’ll enjoy uncovering maritime mysteries through our latest gallery, and experiencing our full collection of cultural curiosities from the new perspective of Pocket Galleries on the web.

View our collection of Pocket Galleries and start exploring them on the web at the Google Arts & Culture site or discover Pocket Galleries through augmented reality in the camera tab of the free Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS.

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