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Two new games inspired by generative AI from our Artists in Residence

GIF showing how to generate an image on Say What You See and a selection of icons used within Cultural Icons

Everyday at the Google Arts & Culture Lab, our Artists in Residence are experimenting with applying emerging technologies to arts and culture. One area of exploration is finding new ways for audiences to connect and play with culture online.

Today, you can try two new experiments by our Artists in Residence, available now in select countries, that explore artistic interactions with Google AI to inspire creativity and aid cultural learning and discovery. Learn the “art of the prompt,” and test your cultural knowledge.

These games are available in select countries and will be rolling out to more in the coming months.

Say What You See

Learn the art of the prompt and improve your image-reading skills by looking at Google AI-generated images and describing what you see, in this experiment created by artist Jack Wild.

Sounds easy? Your descriptions will prompt an image inspired by the one you’re observing but you only pass if you meet the visual threshold set for each level, putting your image-reading skills to the test. As you go, you'll receive tips on how to improve your prompt. Pay attention because you have three attempts for each image to pass, and each level gets a little harder.

Try Say What You See.

Screen showing the game Say What You See with an image on the left that has to be recreated using a prompt

Say What You See experiment by Jack Wild

Cultural Icons

Cultural Icons is a web experiment created by artist Gael Hugo that allows you to explore AI generated iconography, engage in cultural conversations with Google's generative language model PaLM2, and challenge your cultural knowledge through games.

You can click on each cultural icon to start a conversation and learn more or play a guessing game with the help of AI.

While Google’s generative language model, PaLM2, provides insights into historical events and fun facts, we cannot verify the accuracy of the chat and would recommend checking Google’s AI policy. All images are generated by Google AI.

Start playing Cultural Icons.

Screen showing the game Cultural Icons with 6 images in a origami style representing scientific and technological discovery and a chatbox on the right

Cultural Icons experiment by Gael Hugo

Our Artists In Residence program at Google Arts & Culture Lab has been experimenting with new creative ways to connect audiences with culture online since 2014. Previous experiments using Google AI include Art Selfie, XYZ Toy, Odd One Out, Blob Opera and many more.

Learn more on Google Arts & Culture website or our Android or iOS app.

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