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As students, families and educators increasingly rely on tools to support a hybrid approach to education, they depend on accessing helpful online resources to bring their curriculum to life. 

Google Arts & Culture, in collaboration with more than 2000 cultural institutions, has long offered a range of tools and experiences to inspire those teaching virtually and everyone looking to learn online. To improve the experience and reflect how we’re all learning, today we’re launching Learn with Google Arts & Culture, a dedicated gateway for teachers, parents and students that brings together the stories, knowledge and treasures from cultural institutions around the world. 

This includes downloadable lesson plans crafted by educational experts, with topics like dinosaurs, Space exploration, Black history and culture and Hispanic heritage. Want to learn about the Big Bang? Dive into physics and find out what happens at CERN — or take a 3D look at prehistoric animals and NASA’s latest Mars Rover Perseverance. Need a fresh take for an art lesson? Introduce your students to Frida Kahlo by visiting her atelier or Lee Ungno by zooming into his masterpieces in ultra high resolution, and art movements such as Impressionism or the Harlem Renaissance. 

Learn with Google Arts & Culture covers a broad range of themes, including History, Computing, Music, Literature, Chemistry, Biology & Natural History and Geography, with plenty of interactive tools to help make learning more immersive, playful and exciting:
  • AR

    Augmented Reality features such as Art Projector bring cultural artifacts — from artworks to ancient animals — into students’ homes for close observation. You can even explore the Apollo 11 command module or prehistoric cave paintings.

  • VR

    Virtual Reality videos take learners on a 360-degree tour to discover the Space Shuttle Discovery or dinosaurs brought back to life.

  • 3D

    3D models and 360-degree imagery bring your students up close to artworks, priceless artefacts and along paths through heritage sites such as Mayan temples, the Acropolis, the Great Pyramids and the Taj Mahal.

  • Play

    Playful learning is best achieved with features such as Art Selfie, Puzzle Party, Cultural Crosswords and Art Coloring Books which offer playful access to art, culture, history and heritage from around the world.

  • Page

    Your own collections, featuring your favorite objects and stories, are a starting point for an exciting journey guided by information from the experts.

This is a first step for Google Arts & Culture and we hope it will complement the many resources that our cultural partners have developed and made available over time. 

Make sure to check our tips for teachers for getting the most out of Google Arts & Culture. And stay tuned for new lesson plans and materials, which will come online as new museums join the platform and share their treasures.

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