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New gen AI experiments from Google Arts & Culture artists in residence

A GIF showing how to generate a recipe on Food Mood and how to generate a soundtrack to your drawing on Musical Canvas

Today we’re launching two new experiments from Google Arts & Culture Lab artists in residence to help inspire your creativity with the help of Google AI.

Food Mood

If you love cooking but always end up defaulting to the same recipes, Food Mood can provide creative inspiration for your next meal. Select two countries and this playful fusion recipe generator will create one for you. You can choose whether you would like to cook a starter, a soup, a main course or a dessert. For example, why not try a unique blend of flavors from Sri Lanka and Uganda or mixing influences from Oman and Belgium? This experiment was created by artists Emmanuel Durgoni and Gaël Hugo, and uses Gemini 1.0 Pro via Vertex AI.

Photography showing three food dishes; The Shogun’s Paella, Petals of Sweetness (a waffle with rose petals and syrup on it) and The Red Maple’s Mochi (a mochi sweet with syrup coming out of it.)

Musical Canvas

Whether you’re a talented artist or a casual doodler, Musical Canvas will generate a soundtrack to your drawing with the help of Google AI. Simply draw a picture on the digital canvas and the tool uses Gemini 1.0 Pro via Vertex AI to provide a commentary on the artistic quality of your drawing. MusicLM then generates a soundtrack to match your drawing. You can even add visual effects using the filters to affect the visual look and music response such as “Pixelate” for an 8-bit sound influence or “Old Film” for a vinyl effect. Musical Canvas was created by artist in residence Simon Doury.

A GIF showing a user drawing an apple on Musical Canvas

These experiments continue Google Arts & Culture’s commitment to finding new ways to aid cultural learning and creativity. Explore our partners’ collections from all around the world to learn more about the culture of food from Nigeria to Japan or Mexico, or dive into a world of music with the archives of Deutsche Grammophon, famous musicians Bob Marley, Gilberto Gil or the history of electronic music.

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