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Taking curation to the next level with Pocket Gallery Editor

An image showing multiple 3D rooms and artworks from different cultural institutions

Good stories keep us engaged and transport us to different places. Cultural institutions are masters of the art of storytelling. Since its foundation, Google Arts & Culture has recognized and embraced this power, collaborating with these organizations to combine their exceptional expertise with our technology, empowering them to create immersive exhibitions, virtual tours, and much more.

That’s why for International Museum Day, we’ve teamed up with over 50 museums globally, to launch a new digital tool that helps museums and curators present their collections in virtual 3D gallery spaces. With just a few clicks, institutions can personalize every aspect of their galleries, from text to audio to color schemes and beyond, opening up new spaces for cultural storytelling. The Pocket Gallery editor tool will soon be available to all of Google Arts & Culture 3000+ partners from 80 countries.

Selected institutions from Mexico to Indonesia, Nigeria, the US and India, have already had the opportunity to curate their treasures and personalized every aspect of their Pocket Galleries galleries. Today we’re unveiling over 60 new galleries curated by our partners using the Pocket Gallery editor tool.

5 ways to explore the galleries made via Pocket Gallery Editor

View of the interior of a virtual gallery featuring colorful paintings of dancers

Paintings by world famous dancer Serge-Lifar from the National Museum of the History of Ukraine

Gain Unique Access to Endangered Collections

Digital storytelling expands access to culture beyond geographical, social or economic barriers, and can provide an alternative means of preserving cultural artifacts.

Collections located in conflict-ridden regions are confronting unprecedented difficulties in this sense. Nevertheless, the National Museum of the History of Ukraine, invites users to explore the works by the world famous dancer Serge-Lifar and explore Crimea through the lithographs by Friedrich Gross.

A 3D model showing the exterior of a virtual gallery of Barilla collection of Modern and Contemporary Art

Dive into ”Impossible” Exhibitions

Physical exhibitions have always been a fundamental aspect of the museum experience, with Pocket Gallery institutions can go beyond the physical limitations of their spaces.

From collections that are not publicly visible, such as the Barilla Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, to works that are too delicate for display, such as the colorful batiks from the Museum Batik Indonesia or the stunning woodcut prints and oil paintings from CAFA Art Museum ;

Museums can go even further and recreate historical showcases, for example a

A view of the interior of a virtual gallery featuring paintings of people by famous Argentinian artist, Antonio Berni

A collection of works from Argentinian artist Antonio Berni by Malba

Discover all the Artworks in One Place

Whether you're a seasoned art lover or a curious newcomer, the power of digital curation can take you on a unique journey through retrospectives of iconic artists.

For example, Malba has brought together in one place the artworks of the most recognized Argentinian artist in the world, Antonio Berni; while Carnegie Hall curated a tour of the incredible sketches by artist Hilla Rebay depicting music in motion at the iconic venue.
Additionally, WOW - Women of the World Foundation takes a thematic approach

by gathering the voices of tribalizing women who are changing the world.

A screenshot of the interior of a virtual gallery featuring black and white photography of mechanical motorcycle parts from the Harley Davidson Museum

A photography gallery by the Harley Davidson Museum showcasing the art behind the iconic motorcycle

Look Through the Lenses of Iconic Photography

Photography collections offer a unique perspective on our collective past and present, providing ways to understand the world through artistic expression.

Users can take to the road with a photography gallery by Harley-Davidson Museum, showcasing the art behind the mechanical parts of the iconic motorcycle; The can stroll around artworks captured by iconic photojournalists: from Alex Levac in Israel, to Mo Amin and his work across the Africa throughout the 20th century.

A 3D model showing the exterior of a virtual gallery featuring a design of a person on a horse riding into the sunset

Explore scenes of natural beauty from the US National Parks Service

Take a Wellbeing Break through Beauty, Wonder, and Knowledge

International Museum Day celebrates how museums can promote wellbeing by celebrating beauty and providing an escape to the daily grind.

For example, Soumaya Museum in Mexico City curates a path among works inspired by nature, guided by immersive sounds; while the National Parks Service captures the beauty of America's natural treasures.

But cultural institutions don’t only look at nature through art, they can inspire visitors to take action towards creating a more sustainable future. Rewriting Extinction’s comics gallery uses storytelling to raise awareness about the impact of human activity on endangered species and ecosystems.

Start exploring the new Pocket Gallery collections on desktop and mobile web on the Google Arts & Culture site. Still curious? Discover even more on the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS.

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