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Try 4 new Arts and AI experiments

A gif running through all 4 experiments

Today we are launching four new experiences for culture lovers of all ages powered by AI, created by Google Arts & Culture Lab’s artist in residence. Our artist residency program has been running since 2014 and supports artists & creative coders experimenting with emerging technologies to solve a cultural challenge, or to connect audiences with culture online in new ways.

The starting point for these new experiments was applications of Google AI Image Generation Research to inspire cultural discovery and learning through play.

The letters are made of cream cheese and bread and the winning word is bagel

Can you guess the correct word based on the typography design?


by Gael Hugo, Google Arts & Culture Lab artist in residence. Can you guess the hidden word? The clue is in the ‘Tell tale’ typography created by Google AI. Each tile contains a letter which reveals visual clues on the winning word.

Play here or discover more here

A screenshot of the Odd One Out game where the player correctly identified the one image generated by AI

Can you spot the AI generated carriage?

Odd One Out

by Caroline Buttet and Emmanuel Durgoni, Google Arts & Culture Lab artists in residence. Can you spot the odd one out? Guess the AI generated “imposters” hidden among the artworks on Google Arts & Culture.

Play here and learn more here

A colorful plasticine Statue of Liberty

Uncover the monument covered in dough!

Un-Dough !

By Nicolas Barradeau, Google Arts & Culture Lab artist in residence. How many cultural monuments can you uncover? Guess the landmark in a world covered in colorful AI generated dough!

Start uncovering now! Or learn more here

a screen recording of the Haiku Imagined experiment where a rose is dancing in the summer breeze

A rosy visualization of a modern Haiku

Haiku Imagined

By Lynn Cherny & Christine Surgue, Google Arts & Culture Lab artists in residence. Take a pause: Experience traditional and modern haiku lovingly illustrated and animated with AI generated fonts, video and music.

Take a break with Haiku or learn more here

You can explore many more arts & culture experiments here. Learn more on Google Arts & Culture website or our Android or iOS app.

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