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Visit Poland's Lower Silesia on Google Arts & Culture

Painted image of a golden gleaming figure walking through a dark forest
Visit Poland's Lower Silesia on Google Arts &

A region in southwestern Poland, Lower Silesia is a hidden gem with a rich history, stunning landscapes and vibrant cities. Now, thanks to our cooperation with 22 cultural institutions, anyone and everyone can fall in love with the region via a dedicated hub on Google Arts & Culture.

Here are seven ways to explore Lower Silesia on Google Arts & Culture:

Natural wonders: From the unique rock formations of Błędne Skały and Szczeliniec Wielki in the Stołowe Mountains to the lush forests of Ślęża Mountain, Lower Silesia is a paradise for nature lovers. Don't miss the chance to virtually explore the Bear Cave, the largest cave in the Sudetes, and witness the diverse birdlife in the Barycz Valley and Milicz Ponds.

A land of castles and palaces: Lower Silesia boasts the highest concentration of castles, palaces, and fortresses in Poland, with an estimated 600 of these architectural marvels scattered throughout the region. Each castle has its own unique story to tell, some even shrouded in dark secrets and legends. Explore the ruins of Chojnik Castle, shrouded in the legend of Princess Kunegunda, or take a virtual stroll through the mist-laden Karpniki Castle.

Vibrant cities: Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia, is a cultural hub with a lively atmosphere. Discover iconic landmarks like the Neon Gallery, Capitol Musical Theatre, National Forum of Music, and the Pantomime Theater. Don't forget to spot the city's famous gnomes, hidden throughout the streets!

UNESCO World Heritage sites: Lower Silesia is home to several UNESCO-listed sites, including the Centennial Hall, representing one of the climactic points in the history of the use of metal in structural consolidation, and the historic Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica, the largest Baroque timber-framed religious buildings in Europe. These sites offer a glimpse into the region's rich history and cultural heritage.

Legends and mysteries: Lower Silesia is steeped in legends and folklore. Explore the stories of the ancient Golden Elf who crumbled into dust and turned into gold-bearing rocks once the locals tried to touch him. Discover the mysterious Gold Mine in Złoty Stok and uncover the secrets of the Black Great Grandmother and the Red Phantom at the haunted Grodziec Castle.

Interactive experiences: Immerse yourself in the region's history and culture through interactive experiences. Together with family, friends, or solo, you can choose one of the castles of Lower Silesia and piece it together in the new Puzzle Party: a mystical landscape of Karpniki Castle in the fog, a colored woodcut of the Legnica Castle Hall with the Minutoli Mittelalter collection, or a drone view of Książ Castle. Step into a magical microcosm with the Pocket Gallery, a virtual building only available online, where you can encounter witches, gnomes, and a legendary lamplighter.

  • An animated Gif showing some of the highlights of the project. These are: a photo of cranes, painted windows in Duszniki Paper Mill, actors from the Mime Theater, Milicz Ponds, Capitol Theatre, a set of Bolesławiec pottery, Książ Castle, the Bear Cave, Neon Gallery in Wrocław, The Church of Peace in Jawor, Karpniki Castle, the Centennial Hall as well as paintings of Karkonosze

    An animated Gif showing some of the highlights of the project

  • A picture of a puzzle being put together. We can see blue sky and a castle in the center of the puzzle. There are a few blank spots where the puzzles are missing, but we can already see 3 turrets of the castle and one small window. It’s Karpniki Castle.

    Puzzle Party: Karpniki Castle being pieced together

  • A picture of a dark green forest. It’s a simple image: there are a few light green trees in the center and the trees around are much darker. It looks like a clearing in the forest.

    Web Pocket Gallery: Walk around an enchanted forest of legends

A journey from the 3rd century until today: Delve into Lower Silesia's past through the new online collection on Google Arts & Culture. Explore over 100 exhibitions and thousands of artifacts, including the Duszniki polychromes, which offer valuable insights into the lives and social status of 18th-century papermakers. Admire Bolesławiec designs, take virtual walks through over 70 locations, including the Capitol Musical Theatre in Wrocław and the Błędne Skały rock formations.

Lower Silesia - also home to our Google office in Wrocław - is a region waiting to be explored. Start your adventure today and uncover the treasures of this enchanting region! Continue your journey by diving into a century of Polish art, explore the magic of Krakow or learn about the man behind the music, Chopin ! It is all available on the Google Arts & Culture website, or app on Android and iOS.

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