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8 ways Google products can help you celebrate the Asian community

Colorful, illustration-style image of a tray of Chinese snacks like oranges and shrimp crackers against a background of cards and games.

The Snack Console by Cori Huang, from the Welcome to Chinatown collection on Google Arts & Culture.

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) in Canada and the United States, a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs) worldwide. In 2023, searches for “Asian culture” reached a 10-year high in the U.S., as interest and awareness for the API community continues to grow. Our teams from products like Google Arts & Culture, YouTube and Chrome work with community leaders and content creators to celebrate the rich history and culture of the API community. Here’s how you can use Google products to honor and celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander culture.

1. Discover an ever-growing collection of artworks and archives

Google Arts & Culture is expanding its Asian Pacific American Cultures hub, which was first launched in 2021. Today, the hub represents more than 55 partners and more than 165 stories of API heritage, resilience and community from long-time partners like the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, Asia Society and the Center for Asian American Media.

This year, Google Arts & Culture partnered with the Asia Art Archive in America to highlight the practice of archiving Asian American artwork and book art. This year also includes nine exciting new stories on hidden figure artists like Bay Area artist and activist Bernice Bing, a deep dive into the history of Cleveland’s Chinatown, and a new story on how to wear a Pāʻū, a uniquely Hawaiian equestrian style.

  • Black-and-white photograph of four Hawaiian women in the foreground, wearing long dresses and lying on mats on the beach, with one woman holding a ukelele, with plants in the background.

    Hawaiian women with guitar by Alonzo Gartlety, from the Bishop Museum collection on Google Arts & Culture

  • A colorful, abstract oil painting with large swathes of light green and pale pink above the darker red lower part painting.

    A Lady and a Road Map by Bernice Bing, from the Asian Art Museum collection on Google Arts & Culture

  • A digital color photograph of Chinese-American photographer Corky Lee, standing in the foreground in a natural outdoors landscape wearing a light denim shirt and dark blue jeans. In the background are natural stone archies.

    Corky Lee, provided by the Estate of Corky Lee, from the A4 collection on Google Arts & Culture

  • Colorful, illustration-style image of a tray of Chinese snacks like oranges and shrimp crackers against a background of cards and games.

    The Snack Console by Cori Huang, from the Welcome to Chinatown collection on Google Arts & Culture

2. Explore new apps, books and games

Google Play is also launching its APAHM campaign for the month of May that highlights apps, books and games created by Asian American developers and authors. Content includes curated collections, an interview with Dr. Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera, and guest editorial from authors Nghi Vo and Andrea Stewart and gamers Antony Chen and SugarStar.

The campaign page featuring original artwork and interviews with API creators such as Andrew Ng, founder of Coursera.

This year’s campaign highlights API voices and features original artwork that incorporates patterns and photographic elements that evoke the many different rich and vibrant Asian and Pacific Islander cultures.

3. Listen to reflections from the API community

You can tap into voices directly from the API community by saying, “Hey Google, Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month” to your Google Assistant to hear people celebrate and reflect on family, food, culture and more.

Image of woman with colorful braid and matching robe with vine pattern next to transcription of audio:: “Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Here’s Natalie, on the importance of this holiday. ‘Having something on the calendar for not just yourself to see, and not just your Chinese or Asian family to see, but for everyone to see and everyone to support you and acknowledging, you should never feel like you should have to hide or diminish a part of yourself.

Showing the fashion sense of young Asians

4. Download custom backgrounds to personalize your devices

The Chrome browser team commissioned five API artists Ashley Lukashevsky, Eve Liu, Khôi Bảo Phạm, Shyama Kuver and Subin Yang to create browser themes available on the Chrome Web Store. They’re also available in the new tab page Customization module found on the bottom right corner of the browser window.

  • An illustration that shows a line of people playing traditional Korean drums against a pink background.

    This illustration captures the spirit of a line of Korean folk drummers. The drummers are diasporic Koreans from different walks of life, playing together to be in touch with the grounding power of their ancestors.

  • An illustration that shows a woman in a traditional robe with multicolored highlights in her hair.

    Just as you might add highlights to your new hairstyle, this piece adds pop elements to traditional art

  • An illustration that shows a dining table set for tea time.

    Trà means "tea" in Vietnamese. This piece depicts tea time, where stories and laughs are shared. The snack featured is coconut agar jelly cake (Thạch Dừa).

  • An illustration that shows blue leaves, hands, and faces against a teal background.

    In this piece, blue leaves grow in many directions, while open palms that hold reflected faces look at one another. The piece signifies that it doesn't matter where we are; the opportunities to look within and grow are endless.

  • An illustration that shows part of a globe and different creatures and things in the world.

    The world can feel so small and so big at the same time. Change your perspective, and the world will change with you!

Last year, the Pixel team worked with API artists to bring custom backgrounds to your Pixel phone. Created by visual artist Sarula Bao in the Curated Culture collection, you can simply add one of these designs to your phone by visiting wallpaper & style on your Pixel device.

  • Four women uplifting and supporting each other.

    In Solidarity - In difficult times, we look to each other and offer one another aid, support and protection. Illustrated by Sarula Bao.

  • A community of people represented together through shared windows.

    In Community - By sharing our culture across our vastly diverse community, we connect and celebrate together. Illustrated by Sarula Bao.

  • A tiger with the sky and clouds as the background.

    In Strength - King of all beasts, the tiger represents our bravery. Illustrated by Sarula Bao.

5. Stream API media recommendations from Google TV

Throughout the month of May, Google TV will be spotlighting movies and TV shows with the tag “API Acclaim” in the Featured Carousel so you can hop in right from the home screen. Google TV will also feature a wide variety of anime titles in a designated collection to help you discover something new.

Image of Google TV “Explore the World of Anime” collection with anime character on the left and four title cards on the right showing “My Hero Academia”, “Attack on Titan”, “Blue Lock”, and “Spy X Family”

The Google TV anime collection includes popular titles from across your services

6. Find your new favorite content creator on YouTube

Starting in May, YouTube will be spotlighting Asian and Pacific American creators elevating culture and creativity in areas like beauty and vlogs to music and lifestyle. Channels to connect with throughout the month will include Ur Mom Ashley, VlogAfterCollege, Sean Does Magic, and more.

7. Learn more about search trends and rising API stars

And for the third year in a row, Google is partnering with Gold House on its annual A100 List , which is the definitive honor recognizing the 100 most impactful Asian and Pacific Islanders in culture over the past year. Our video celebrates these incredible honorees who have bridged generations, cultures and divides — and features a powerful poem performed by famed poet Rupi Kaur. Google will continue to amplify voices of the A100 honorees and highlight key trends via social and more throughout the month of May.

A video celebrating 100 of the most impactful Asian and Pacific Islanders in culture over the past year.

8. Celebrate the life and legacy of Corky Lee

For this year’s annual Doodle in honor of APAHM, we're celebrating Chinese American photographer, journalist, and activist Corky Lee on May 5. Lee's photos recorded the diversity of the Asian Pacific American community often overlooked by mainstream media.

Google Doodle of Corky Lee

Google Doodle of Corky Lee

The Asian Googler Network’s theme for APAHM this year is “Emerging Undivided.” Through work with community groups and partners serving the API community, and directly with API creators across our platforms, we’re excited to honor this theme all month long.

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