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Celebrate your achievements with #IamRemarkable Week

A group of people smiling with a background reading #IamRemarkable Week

Many of us struggle when it comes to talking about our own accomplishments. It can be an especially difficult subject for women and members of underrepresented groups.

Cultural and gender modesty norms, combined with widespread impostor syndrome, often prevent people from acknowledging their remarkable attributes and expressing their achievements. This holds back individuals, organizations and companies everywhere. 

A Google initiative, #IamRemarkable, is challenging this status quo by helping spark conversations that build people’s self-confidence and self-promotion skills. The 90 minutes workshop brings participants together in small facilitator-led groups and invites each individual to discuss their accomplishments and achievements. 

Even in the midst of lockdowns and work-from-home arrangements, the #IamRemarkable movement has been gaining ground. To help even more people benefit, we’re launching the first-ever #IamRemarkable Week from November 12-19. Open to anyone, the free online event will feature inspiring talks, workshops and confidence-boosting challenges. After experiencing #IamRemarkable Week, companies can bring the program in-house to support their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. 

Video of people trying to express what makes them remarkable

A glimpse into the #IamRemarkable workshop experience

To date, #IamRemarkable has reached 150,000+ participants across 140 countries with the help of 7,000 facilitators. More than 800 companies have implemented the program in their organizations.

For participants, the results have been significant:

  • 49% said they experienced job and/or career growth after their workshops

  • 82% said they felt more confident after their training

  • 89% said they had begun actively promoting themselves following the workshop

Amidst the uncertainty and isolation of this year, #IamRemarkable has been especially important for helping leaders champion diversity, inclusion and allyship within their organizations. 

GSK, a consumer healthcare company, started to offer #IamRemarkable workshops during lockdown when thousands of employees began working from home. Since May, the program has been rolled out across 14 of GSK’s markets and various business functions. In-house facilitators have seen participants applying for promotions and new internal roles with more confidence after attending a workshop.

Screenshot of people participating in an online #IamRemarkable workshop at GSK

Online #IamRemarkable workshop at GSK

“We’re really proud of the impact it’s driven in our inclusion and diversity efforts,” said Meredith Herman, VP Head of Marketing EDGE at GSK. “The emotion, the celebration and the delight our teams have received through participating has been amazing.”

Ardhi Siregar, AVP, HR Partner for Manulife Business Processing Services (MBPS), has also become a proud #IamRemarkable backer. More than 400 MBPS employees have participated since it was launched at the company in 2019. 

“#IamRemarkable is helping us to address and get rid of unconscious bias,” said Ardhi.  “When you promote that kind of equality in an organization, it encourages employees to champion themselves, and drive higher performance.”

Video of J.V. Raman, Executive VP of Unilever Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, discussing the positive impact of #IamRemarkable on Unilever employees

Another corporate participant, Unilever, has highlighted the positive impact the program has had on driving better business decisions. “It has led to a significant difference in the quality of conversations we are having in every meeting, which is enabling us to have better decision-making in the business,” said J.V. Raman, Executive VP of Unilever Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Join the #IamRemarkable Week and bring the #IamRemarkable initiative to your company.

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