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8 ways to “Find Pride” with Google this year

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Last updated: June 6, 2024

Google has a long-standing commitment to preserving and sharing the history of the LGBTQ+ community around the world. We believe in amplifying the voices and talents of the community, and we know that we can't do this work alone.

This Pride Month, we’re coming together as a company under the theme of “Finding Pride.” We're excited to share our continued support through a range of new product launches, announcements, and evergreen features that are designed to uplift and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. From colorful expressions of joy to tools that foster connection and learning, here’s how Google is helping everyone find Pride all month long.

1. Working with partners to preserve LGBTQ+ history

We're grateful for the partnerships we've built with LGBTQ+ organizations and nonprofits who are on the front lines of advocacy and support. Our longstanding relationship with Pride Live has been particularly meaningful and we’re proud to continue investing in their crucial work to preserve LGBTQ+ history and culture.

With funding support from, Pride Live is expanding their archive and reach in New York City and beyond, including their management of the Stonewall National Monument & Visitor Center. Stonewall is the U.S. National Park System’s first visitor center dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. The financial support from has enabled the creation of a new interactive on-site wall where visitors can explore rich multimedia content.

2. Highlighting LGBTQ+ films and shows

During Pride Month, Google TV will elevate inclusive films and TV shows which showcase the LGBTQ+ community with titles curated in collaboration with GLAAD Media Institute, the world’s leading LGBTQ+ media advocacy organization. Content will focus on amplifying LGBTQ+ history, visibility, and representation on screen. Google TV will also feature live Pride parade coverage and more through our free, ad supported live channels.

Google TV, in partnership with GLAAD, curates a collection of TV and movies centering LGBTQ+ experiences

3. Curating collections of LGBTQ+ developers and apps

Explore curated collections of apps, games, books, and audiobooks that celebrate LGBTQ+ voices and experiences on Google Play. Dive into the Pride Month Hub, where you'll find themed content, events, and editorial articles highlighting the diversity and creativity of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Hub will also include a spotlight on trans characters in games and an inside look at the inclusive world of cozy games – a genre known for its focus on relaxation, positive themes, and charming characters. You can check out a Q&A with Hyperbeard, the studio behind the beloved games "Adorable Home" and "Pocket Love.”

Check out the Google Play Store Pride Hub

4. Spotlighting LGBTQ+ creators

YouTube is spotlighting a kaleidoscope of voices from the LGBTQ+ community all month long! Dive into the channels of Strawburry17Plays, Delaney Walsh, GlamFam Hair & Beauty, and many more. Explore food, gaming, fashion & beauty, tech, and vlogging with these inspiring creators!

YouTube honors Pride Month with spotlighting LGBTQ+ creators

YouTube honors Pride Month with spotlighting LGBTQ+ creators

5. Creating Pride-related digital delights

You can add a festive touch to your virtual meetings using one of our two Google Meet Pride AR effects. Chrome has also partnered with LGBTQ+ artists around the world to bring everyone personalized background options – you can see all the options available in the LGBTQ+ artist series. Lastly, don't miss the surprise Flag Parade on Google Search when you look up “Pride Month'' or “Pride Parade.”

The Pride AR effects available in Google Meet

6. Supporting LGBTQ+ innovators and business leaders

Look for the “LGBTQ-friendly,”, “Transgender Safe Space” and “LGBTQ+ owned" attributes on business profiles in Maps and Search to find welcoming and inclusive spaces for dining, shopping, and more. If you’re a business owner, you can easily add these attributes to your profile by updating your Google My Business account.

7. Documenting the impact of LGBTQ+ art, fashion and more

Last year, Google Arts & Culture launched the “Ballroom in Focus” hub, in partnership with the Ballroom community, to honor the elders and trailblazers of the iconic Ballroom movement. Now you can delve further into projects honoring LGBTQ+ history like "Queer Eye on Art History'' and the history of the Pride flag, in partnership with organizations like the LGBTQ Center, the Stonewall National Monument, and the GLBT Historical Society.

8. Amplifying the expertise of LGBTQ+ industry leaders

Talks at Google has a curated playlist in honor of Pride Month spotlighting conversations over the years with performers, researchers, and icons across all industries. Stay tuned for new content to be added this month.

And our Google Doodle, illustrated by Doodler Lydia Nichols, celebrates Chicana lesbian activist, feminist, and author Jeanne Córdova, a pioneering leader of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Read our Scribble to learn more about Lydia.

Google logo with an illustration of Lydia Nichols representing the o's

This is an ongoing journey, and we invite you to join us as we continue to learn, grow and find Pride together, every day of the year. We invite you to join us as we continue our journey of finding Pride together.

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