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From Apps to Art: Elevate Asian & Pacific voices with Google

Google has partnered with Gold House, a leading Asian and Pasifika changemaker community to amplify their annual A100 List recognizing the most impactful Asian and Pasifika leaders in culture around the world.

Every May, Google recognizes a companywide event we call “Honoring Asian and Pasifika Ancestry Month.” This celebration builds on the broader observance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), and honors the contributions and rich diversity of Asian and Pasifika cultures.

As the executive sponsor of the Asian Google Network (AGN) Employee Resource Group, I’m inspired by the contributions of everyone who is building community and fostering close connections within Google and beyond. This month, AGN will host events, panels, and volunteer opportunities to build closer connections within the Asian and Pasifika communities – and support all Googlers around the globe.

In particular, we're excited to continue spotlighting the stories, artistic expressions, and inspiring work of Asian and Pasifika creators and innovators. Here are some of this year’s APAHM features you can explore:

1. Discover your new favorite apps and authors

Google Play is launching a campaign for the month of May that highlights apps, books and games created by the Asian and Pasifika communities. This year we’ve partnered with guest artist, Kenichiro Chaffee, to create campaign artwork for the store. Content includes special events spotlights from apps and games developers alongside curated collections that feature developers, characters, and authors of API descent.

Kenichiro Chaffee’s art pieces for the Google Play Hub

One of Kenichiro Chaffee’s art pieces for the Google Play Hub

2. Immerse yourself in compelling stories and creations

Personalize your virtual meetings with a new Google Meet background, inspired by the vibrant energy of iconic Chinatowns and Japantowns in the US. The background includes decorative lanterns on a vibrant, stylized street featuring traditional Asian-American architecture and the San Francisco skyline. You can find this background by toggling the “Apply visual effects” button on mobile, or navigating to the “apply visual effects” option in the three dot menu on web and selecting the top background in the “New” section.

The background includes decorative lanterns on a vibrant, stylized street featuring traditional Asian-American architecture and the San Francisco skyline.

On Google TV, you can enjoy a curated collection of films, television shows, and documentaries that spotlight Asian and Pasifika culture, history, and the incredible actors and filmmakers from these communities. Get ready to discover new favorites and celebrate beloved classics in content collections celebrating “close connections” in love, friendship and community.

Finally, head over to YouTube to uncover Asian and Pasifika creators throughout the month. From KatrinaBuno, DrexLee and frmheadtotoe, YouTube is spotlighting API creators in topics like food, gaming, fashion and beauty, tech and vlogging. And stay tuned for YouTube Shorts creators sharing their #MyAPAHMStory and specially curated YouTube Music playlists highlighting your favorite artists all throughout May.

YouTube is spotlight Asian and Pasifika creators throughout the month including KatrinaBuno,  DrexLee and frmheadtotoe.

3. Honor the legacy and excellence of industry trailblazers

Inspired by those who came before us and paving the way for our achievements today, we’re also highlighting the excellence of the Asian American and Pasifika communities. Today’s Google Doodle, illustrated by Los Angeles-based guest artist Anjali Vakil, pays tribute to Indian-American poet and scholar, Meena Alexander. Her work explored themes of identity and migration.

Celebrating Meena Alexander

We are also proud to partner with Gold House again on their annual A100 campaign, honoring the 100 most impactful Asian and Pasifika figures in culture over the past year. Each May, this campaign celebrates the incredible contributions from Asian and Pasifika changemakers, using Google Trends to showcase Search insights and spotlight unparalleled excellence across the Asian and Pasifika diasporas. This year’s video features a powerful dialogue voiced by esteemed actor and producer, Auliʻi Cravalho.

Our commitment extends far beyond just a single month. Google has ongoing partnerships that bring visibility to the talents and contributions of Asian and Pasifika peoples. Features like the Asian & Pacific Islander Artists Series on Chrome, the Asian-owned attribute in Maps & Search and the Asian Pacific American Culture hub on Google Arts and Culture are just a few examples. I hope you enjoy these and the many other features we’re bringing together to celebrate the Asian and Pasifika community. Happy HAPAM.

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