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5 ways to bring in the Year of the Rabbit with Google

This year, we welcome the Year of the Rabbit — or the Year of the Cat in Vietnam. I’m half Chinese and half Vietnamese, making me both a Rabbit and a Cat. I’m also a proud chapter lead for our Asian Googler Network (AGN), an employee resource group dedicated to supporting the diverse and multicultural Asian community. AGN has helped me build an incredible network of friends, mentors and leaders. And amid escalating adversity and violence against the Asian community over the past few years, members of AGN have been there for one another for comfort, support and strength.

These past few days have been heartbreaking, with senseless acts of violence affecting the Asian community. For my family, and more than 1.5 billion people around the world, this should be an especially joyful time of year as we celebrate Lunar New Year. I’m glad to see how our community has come together to honor our respective cultural traditions. As we usher in the Year of the Rabbit, here are a few ways Google products and services are honoring the new year.

1. Our Lunar New Year Doodle.

The Google Doodle artwork is a paper cutout commemorating the Year of the Rabbit and honoring a few favorite Lunar New Year traditions, from picking blossoms to gifting red envelopes.

Happy Lunar New Year! The Doodle celebrates the Lunar Calendar’s first day of the new year and features a rabbit and Lunar New Year symbols including peach blossoms, lanterns, a red envelope, and firecrackers.

The Google Doodle that was available on the Search homepage to honor Lunar New Year.

2. Bunny stickers with Emoji Kitchen.

Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen features custom bunny creations you can use the new year in your next chat conversation. From a globe adorned in bunny ears to a rabbit popping out of an envelope, you’ll have plenty of options to bring in the new year.

A collection of custom rabbit emojis including two rabbits surrounded by confetti, a blue bunny sparkling as if itis a diamond, a penguin in bunny ears, a bunny with floating pink hearts, a bunny popping out of a gold present box, a rabbit family, a rabbit smelling coffee, a rabbit face imposed onto a half moon, and a rabbit with tears welling in its eyes.

A sample of the available custom bunny emojis available on GBoard.

3. Custom zodiac animal theme background on Chrome.

Were you born in the Year of the Rabbit, Snake or Tiger? You can choose from our collection of lunar zodiac themes to personalize your Chrome browser. To get one of these themes for Chrome browser, visit the Chrome Web Store, select “Themes,” look for the “Zodiac Animals” theme collection and click “add to Chrome” from the design you like.

Image of Chrome browser with the Year of the Rabbit theme. Traditional Korean calligraphy and Snoopy inspired the design.

Choose a new Chrome theme based on our playful take on the lunar zodiac.

4. A Lunar New Year fireworks show on Search.

If you type “Lunar New Year” or other related queries into Google Search you’ll get a special fireworks show.

A gif of the Google Search bar. The words “Lunar New Year” appear and in the next frame a phone appears with the search results for Lunar New Year and an animation of fireworks overlay on top of the results

The Lunar New Year firework show available via Google Search.

5. Well wishes for the new year with the Assistant.

Google Assistant is ready to recognize the new year. Just say, “Happy Lunar New Year” or “Have a Happy Chinese New Year!” to start the conversation and Assistant will share well wishes for the Lunar New Year.

A text conversation is on the screen. First bubble says “Happy Lunar New Year”. The Google Assistant responds with a picture of a red Rabbit and the text “Happy Lunar New Year! Let’s hop into a joyous and prosperous Year of the Rabbit” followed by a rabbit emoji.

The Google Assistant responding to the query “Happy Lunar New Year”

Finally, for select countries through January 25, Google Play is also offering discounts on some of your favorite apps and games in honor of the new year. I hope you’ll check some of these activities out. And to you and yours, Gung Hay Fat Choy and Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

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