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Introducing new Chromebooks for Asia Pacific and Latin America

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Since their introduction to the education market over 10 years ago, Chromebooks have become the laptop of choice for millions of teachers and students around the world. Every country has its own approach, guided by different goals, for incorporating technology into their school systems and Chromebooks are built to meet these unique needs, making sure that communities have access to powerful and affordable tools. Today, more than 50 million teachers and students rely on their Chromebooks to create enriching teaching and learning experiences, making them the most-used laptop in K12 education globally and the #1 laptop sold to schools in Brazil and Indonesia.

Today, we’re announcing new Chromebooks built for Asia Pacific and Latin America with local manufacturers. Read on for more info about how Chromebooks can benefit classrooms worldwide, as well as new research from Forrester that demonstrates how Chromebooks can save time and money.

Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade video on YouTube

More access to new Chromebooks in Asia Pacific and Latin America

Educators in Asia Pacific and Latin America will now have access to Chromebooks with help from our partners Acer, CTL, Edxis, Centerm & Multilaser. Google for Education tools like Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides will be available along with free built-in apps like Screencast which enables teachers to record and transcribe videos with built-in translation to better support their students. "Chromebooks help us broaden and amplify the modern learning experience for more students, including those with disabilities and the need for diverse learning approaches,” said Alan Porto, the Secretary of Education of Mato Grosso in Brazil.

  • Acer Chromebook 311

    Acer Chromebook 311 comes with 11.6” HD screen display, up to 8 GB RAM, has a long battery life and is powered by an Intel processor.

  • Chromebook Multi PC924

    Chromebook Multi PC924 comes with 11.6” HD screen display, up to 8 GB RAM, has a long battery life and is powered by an Intel processor.

  • CTL Chromebook M610

    CTL Chromebook M610 comes with 11.6” HD screen display, up to 8 GB RAM, has a long battery life and is powered by an Intel processor.

  • Edxis E-Lite Chromebook

    Edxis E-Lite Chromebook comes with 11.6” HD screen display, up to 8 GB RAM, has a long battery life and is powered by an Intel processor.

How Chromebooks save valuable classroom time

Teachers, students and IT admins save hours and hours of time by using Chromebooks, according to new research from Forrester. Chromebooks start fast and stay fast, with automatic updates that don’t interrupt teaching or learning time — up to 18 hours of more learning time for students and 42 hours saved per teacher per year. The Google Admin console helps IT admins save up to 75% more time by managing thousands of laptops in one place. Learn more about the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study to see how Chromebooks can save you time.

Chromebooks are better for your budget

Chromebooks can help budgets go further by helping schools get up to a 229% return on investment. “We first considered a traditional notebook for our students, but we decided to instead invest in Chromebooks because they are laptops aimed at education. Also, [Chromebooks] cost less, which allowed us to purchase a greater number and make more available to the schools,” said an IT Superintendent for K-12 in Latin America (Forrester, 2024).

Chromebooks meet your needs and for safe and secure learning

Even with limited IT resources, Chromebooks can be managed remotely with the Cloud based Google Admin console, making it simple to set up and manage laptops with full control over which apps can be used, and 24/7 Google support. Built-in security on Chromebooks means that no antivirus software is needed, because Chromebooks come with verified boot, sandboxing and 256-bit data encryption. There have been zero reported successful ransomware attacks on Chromebooks to date because ChromeOS is the most secure OS out of the box. Chromebooks pair perfectly with Google Workspace for Education, including Google Classroom, making them easy to use for all ages and experience levels. Teachers can also share Chromebooks between classes using private managed sessions, and come with kiosk and locked mode — perfect for exams or quizzes.

Endpoint Education Upgrade helps you manage phones and tablets

Students today often have many devices at their disposal, like personal phones and tablets, not just Chromebooks. To help teachers manage all these devices, the Endpoint Education Upgrade offers access admin and security features for Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals. Administrators can set up admin rules to receive an alert when devices are lost or stolen, locate or identify where they were last used, prevent them from being used with Context Aware Access, and remotely wipe the devices with advanced mobile management. You can purchase EEU from your reseller today.

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