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EDU tips in a flash

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As a seventh grade teacher, I quickly learned that every second counts—both while teaching in the classroom and when collaborating with other teachers. That’s a big part of why we developed EDU in 90, Google for Education’s video series.  We heard from educators that they needed an easy way to keep track of product news and to learn from their peers.  

Over the past four seasons, we’ve examined everything from Classroom to accessibility features to robotics tools for Chromebooks.  And along the way, we’ve explored your creative ideas for using Google tools in the classroom—like Bingo with Google Earth and Blogger for school-wide announcements.  

Today, we’re back with our fifth season of EDU in 90, and sharing the latest G Suite for Education news. Based on your feedback, we’ll upcoming episodes will focus on topics like the Chromebook App Hub, how schools use Google Drive, and computer science resources.  

Be sure to subscribe to the Google for Education YouTube channel and check out our series playlist to catch up on past episodes.  

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