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Get more out of Google’s education tools with Education Navigator

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When it comes to helping students learn and gain the skills they need for the future, it really takes a village. School administrators, educators, families and guardians are essential to student success, but they don’t always have the tools and resources they need.

Today, we’re introducing Education Navigator — a new site with free of charge resources on Google for Education tools like Chromebooks, Google Classroom and Google Workspace for Education all in one place.

Education Navigator helps school administrators and educators find what they need to use technology for teaching and learning by organizing resources by role, level of experience (beginner or advanced), product and interest (security, collaboration, AI, and more). Sign up to get resources delivered directly to your inbox along with the latest education-related events, announcements and product updates — or browse resources directly on the site.

Easily find resources for school administrators

Whether you manage technology for schools, help educators use digital tools, or lead curriculum development, you can use Education Navigator to find resources designed with your role in mind. On the site, you’ll find guides like 40+ ways to use Google Workspace for Education created to help you improve digital security and privacy, support teachers and ensure equitable access to technology for students.

Let’s say you want proactive digital security tools to protect student and faculty data. Through Education Navigator, you’ll find a Google Workspace for Education interactive demo featuring the security dashboard. The demo takes you through security best practices, including spam detection, file sharing, phishing attempts and more.

Select the topics you are interested in and get resources tailored to your role.

More hands-on learning for educators

If you instruct students, you can find resources that help make it easier to use technology in and out of the classroom. You’ll uncover a broad range of online professional development resources — like advanced certifications from our Champions program and our global network of Google Educator Groups — to help you build new skills and connect with educators.

You may have heard about how you can save time and create captivating learning experiences with generative AI. To learn more about generative AI, select “Advance education with AI” in Education Navigator and discover resources for educators including the Get Started with Gemini for Google Workspace course. This self-paced course offers guidance on using Gemini and how generative AI can help educators plan lessons, brainstorm ideas and personalize instruction.

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Support students in and out of the classroom with hands-on training for educators

Support learners at home

Family involvement drives student success. In fact, the best predictor of student success is the extent to which families involve themselves in their children’s education. If you’re a parent or guardian, you can find ways to inspire your child with tools to learn and grow online at home on Google Families. Resources like the Google for Education tech toolkit and Guardian’s Guides shed light on the tools your child is using in school for learning, including Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks.

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