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Experiment with updates to Science Journal, now on iOS

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When we released the Science Journal app last year, our goal was to turn Android phones and tablets into scientific tools. Using the app, both kids and adults could measure light, sound, motion and more, right on their devices. But we heard from teachers that it would be even more useful if the app could take notes and make observations for science experiments. So we've redesigned Science Journal as a digital science notebook, and it’s available today on Android and iOS.

With this new version of Science Journal, each experiment is a blank page that you can fill with notes and photos as you observe the world around you. Over time, we’ll be adding new note-taking tools to enhance the types of observations you can record. For science lovers who have already used the app, measuring real-world data with sensors remains core to the new Science Journal experience. We've added three new sensors for you to play with along with the ability to take a ”snapshot” of your sensor data at a single moment in time.


And there’s more: our partners, including the California Academy of Sciences, the New York Hall of Science, and Science Buddies, have released more than 20 new activities that you can do with the app—try attaching your phone to a spring, or measuring the motion of a bicycle wheel. In the coming months, look forward to additional features and updates. We’re excited about this new chapter in our mission to inspire scientists and makers everywhere. Download the app today and let us know what you think.

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