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Explore our new Google for Education App Hub

Image of the Google for Education App Hub website, with app icons swirling around text that reads “The power of great apps and Google”

Editor’s note: This week we’re joining thousands of educators and students at ISTE, the United States’ biggest educational technology exhibition. Visit us on Level 2 in the Grand Hall , where you can check out new Chromebooks and features in Google Workspace for Education, and sign up for our deep-dive workshops. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

In 2019, we introduced the Chromebook App Hub to showcase all of the amazing apps that work with Chromebooks and offer ideas for how to use them. Since then, with various developers and partners, we’ve built more ways to integrate apps across Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education. Along the way, our goal has always been to help schools save time, increase engagement and make learning more personal.

Today, we’re expanding those efforts with the Google for Education App Hub, where educators and admins alike can discover every app that connects with Google for Education products, all in one place.

Exploring the App Hub

On the Google for Education App Hub, you’ll find the latest and most useful education app integrations with Google. The Hub’s landing page has a core set of 25 apps that offer at least one of three specific features: Classroom add-ons, School Information System (SIS) integrations and app licensing. You can filter the apps by subject, category, feature accessibility and compliance information. On the “See all apps” page, the Hub also features the many apps that work with Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education through our APIs with Slides, Docs, Drive and beyond. On every app’s detail page, you’ll find resources like training from the developers themselves.

Taking advantage of connected EdTech tools

The App Hub showcases 25 apps that integrate with Google for Education to help seamlessly integrate teaching tools into assignments, streamline class and grade management, and easily purchase, provision and manage apps.

With Classroom add-ons, you can easily find, add, use and grade content from popular EdTech tools like Pear Deck, Kahoot! and IXL, right within Google Classroom. Students can also easily access add-ons content with single sign-on, avoiding the need to remember passwords or navigate to external websites. And with add-ons, it is possible to sync grades from EdTech tools to Classroom, making it a seamless assignment to grading experience.

As for SIS integrations, they can help you save time on administrative tasks. You can automatically create classes and update class rosters at scale with Clever, or keep grades up-to-date and synced with the help of partners like Skyward, Follett Aspen and Infinite Campus.

Finally, our app licensing system takes the hassle out of the license management process. Where before admins would have to purchase and manage apps independently, you can now buy the apps directly from developers, then distribute those licenses to students and teachers and track usage via the school directory in Google Admin console. We’ve partnered with seven app developers, including Adobe Express, Concepts, ExplainEverything, Figma, LumaFusion, Squid and WeVideo to bring app licensing to interested schools.

Help seamlessly integrate teaching tools into assignments, streamline class and grade management, and easily purchase, provision and manage apps with Google for Education integrations on the App Hub

Partnering with Adobe to bring creativity to the classroom

We're especially proud of our end-to-end integration with Adobe Express - a Classroom add-on that's also part of our app licensing program. With Adobe Express, school admins can manage app licenses at scale via Google Admin console and students and teachers can access and share their creations all via Google Classroom. What's more, Adobe Express for Education is free to K12 schools and districts and available on Chromebooks across the US. Interested administrators can learn more and apply here.

Video from Adobe showcasing students using Chromebooks and Adobe Express in the classroom

Educators and admins, head to the App Hub at to access these apps today. And if you’re a developer building apps for schools, learn more about developing with Google for Education here.

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