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More ways for schools & organizations to manage YouTube

In August 2015 we launched YouTube Settings in Google Apps to give schools and other organizations a way to manage the YouTube experience for users logged in to their domains and on networks they manage. Today we’re happy to announce a number of new features to make these more flexible and easier to use. 

Channel allowlisting 

Administrators and designated approvers can now allowlist entire channels, not just individual videos. For example, if you want to ensure that all current and future videos uploaded to your organization or school’s channel are watchable by your users, you can now simply add the entire channel to your approved list. Learn how to designate approvers.

Using YouTube settings in Google Apps for Education already gives your users access to all the videos on educational YouTube channels like Veritasium, but now your domain's video approvers can add other channels as well, like your school's YouTube channel. More

More flexible options for administrators 

Administrators have new capabilities to help them manage YouTube to meet the needs of their organization.
  • Administrators can now choose between two levels of Restricted Mode restrictions -- strict or moderate -- for their logged-in users.
Admins can select between a strict and moderate level of restriction for YouTube.
  • Network managers can now use an HTTP header to enforce either strict or moderate restricted mode on managed devices. 
  •  Network managers can also use this new DNS configuration if they want to enforce moderate restricted mode on wifi networks they manage. 
  • Coming soon, logged-out users on YouTube’s mobile apps on restricted networks will also get a restricted experience. 
  • And since we know this can be tricky to set up, network managers can visit this page to ensure their network restrictions have been configured correctly.

YouTube for Schools 

In August we announced that we would no longer be maintaining YouTube for Schools (YT4S). As of July 1, 2016, YT4S will no longer be available. View the YouTube Settings in Google Apps Help Center for additional details. 

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