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A new accelerator for AI-first startups in Europe and Israel

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Apply now for Accelerator: AI First

Startups are key to solving the world’s biggest challenges— and artificial intelligence is their sharpest tool. From laying the groundwork for postwar economic recovery to tackling climate change and empowering underrepresented founders, startups around the world are using AI to unlock their potential and do more with less. They’re opening up new opportunities that could significantly improve billions of lives and drive economic growth.

Google partners with startups to make AI even more helpful for people and communities everywhere. To help founders build responsibly with AI and machine learning from the ground up, we’re introducing the Google for Startups Accelerator: AI First program for eligible companies based in Europe and Israel.

Offered in partnership with Google Cloud, this equity-free program provides 10 weeks of hands-on mentorship and technical project support to startups using AI in their core service or product, as well as providing product design and customer acquisition support as well as leadership development for founders. I’ll personally be working alongside the group of participants with other experts from Google Cloud and Google DeepMind like Yariv Adan (Lead for Cloud Conversational AI), James Rosenthal (Director of Startups & AI, Google Cloud), and Adrian Poole (Director of Digital Natives, Google Cloud) to provide AI best practices throughout the program. And after graduation, we will continue to support these companies via the Google for Startups alumni network.

Applications are being accepted until July 30th, and Accelerator: AI First will kick off in September. I encourage interested and eligible startups in Europe and Israel to apply — and learn more about some of the incredible founders in the Google for Startups network innovating with AI below.

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    Dr. Jacques Amselem, Ariella Charny and Dr. Marco Calderón-Loor, Albo Climate

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    By applying artificial intelligence algorithms to satellite data, Accelerator: Climate Change alum Albo Climate quantifies and maps land use and carbon stock changes at high accuracy and resolution. This helps move toward more transparency and scalability for climate offset solutions.

  • A man wearing a navy blue sweatshirt and jeans sits on a stool, looking at the camera and his arms folded across his chest.

    Bruno Mendes Da Silva, Heex

    Paris, France

    Heex Technologies creates software solutions for self-driving vehicles and accelerates AI development by enabling engineering teams to get the most value out of their data. With Google for Startups support, Heex is introducing a new smart data management solution that enables relevant data to move faster and more reliably from autonomous vehicles to development teams via the cloud.

  • Three people sit around a white table, looking an open laptop screen with the Born Digital website open. The man nearest the computer wears a gray sweatshirt that has "Born Digital" written in white letters.

    Tomáš Malovec and Zenon Sliwka, Born Digital

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Born Digital uses AI to help companies digitalize overall customer care, experience, and interactions, including analyzing customer calls to pinpoint feedback and leveraging a conversational chatbot available in multiple languages. Google for Startups Accelerator showed us exactly what and how to do to break through,’ said cofounder Tomáš Malovec. “All that remains is to implement it well."

  • A blonde woman wearing a white shirt looks at the camera, smiling.

    Katarzyna Dorsey, Founder of

    Warsaw, Poland

    Yosh.AI helps retail companies connect shoppers with their ideal products through Cloud technology and artificial intelligence (AI) assisted voice search. Google for Startups Accelerator mentorship led to Yosh.AI becoming a Google Cloud partner and automate communication between enterprises and users with AI voice and text assistants.

  • A woman with short black hair wearing a black dress leans against a railing in a park, with buildings and trees in the distance behind her.

    Elizabeth Nyeko, Modularity Grid

    London, UK

    Cleantech startup Modularity Grid leverages AI and machine learning to support mini-grid operators in monitoring and predicting energy consumption. With support from the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund, Elizabeth and her team aim to accelerate the transition to renewable energy infrastructure. “As a founder, it can be quite a tough journey,” founder Elizabeth told WIRED. “It always helps to be able to talk to other founders, share experiences, share tips—and even introductions to investors.”

  • A man wearing a black shirt with short brown hair smiles at the camera in front of a gray background.

    Bogdan Preduscam, Hyperhuman

    Bucharest, Romania

    Hyperhuman is an AI-powered video platform made for health & fitness. Google mentors helped Bogdan and his team of tech tech experts and former professional athletes build an AI-powered video creation and delivery platform that empowers businesses to create high-quality videos quickly and efficiently. 

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